Events: GALLERY: East Coast Cars & Coffee At Brenton Point State Park

GALLERY: East Coast Cars & Coffee At Brenton Point State Park

By Petrolicious Productions
December 17, 2019

Photography by Sydney Cummings

Does your cars and coffee and have a coastal view and a historic fort that was around before the War of 1812? The Brenton Point State Park Cars and Coffee does. Brenton Point’s history dates back to early Rhode Island history and was named after Governor William Brenton, a religious refugee from the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  After living in Boston for four years he was “vigorously excused” in 1637. Go ahead and guess at what that might have meant. No matter your opinion on the ex-governor, it is a great site to host a fantastic collection of machinery.

Fort Adams is a former United States Army post in Newport, Rhode Island that was established on July 4, 1799, as a First System coastal fortification, named for President John Adams who was in office at the time. Its first commander was Captain John Henry who was later instrumental in starting the War of 1812. Today, several hundred classic cars were wrapped around the point flanking the great walls of the fort as of ready to defend it at any cost.

On this particular day, the weather cooperated. There were bright blue skies that made the cars shine and there were a make and model for just about everyone. Nearly every type of vehicle was represented and every one of them had a unique story to share. Some had been restored, others were daily drivers, and a few were a bit of both. With a hot coffee in one hand, we took a stroll around to see what we could find. The best part of the show was that 99% of the vehicles were driven here, no trailer queens. If you are not able to get into the Audrain Event next year the Brenton Point cars and coffee is the next best thing.

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