Featured: GALLERY: Highlights From The New York International Auto Show

GALLERY: Highlights From The New York International Auto Show

Alex Sobran By Alex Sobran
April 17, 2017

Photography by Kieran Buttrick

Why is Petrolicious interested in events like this? It’s not just for the cars—after all, there’s a noticeable dearth here of the types usually found in our pages and films. Though the scales may be heavily slanted toward the modern edge, any group of machines that are best realizing the evolving form of the car will hardly make for a dull exhibition. It may seem like the future is beige and full of warning beeps, but holdouts like the Dodge Demon prove the remaining life force of fun still has a few things to address in its exit speech.

That said, for the stubbornly steadfast among us who are solely interested in vintage cars, the importance of shows like the New York International Auto Show should still heft some importance along with the tons and literal tons of metal and plastic and carbon to examine. Where that importance comes from may not always be from the actual vehicles of course, laudable as some of their satellite-driven carbon fiber skeletons housing multiple-turbo-charged motors may be. Instead, the real value comes not from being able to recall years later which cars were at which booths, nor from wistfully remembering how quickly the latest edition of whatever the current I-have-to-have-one-there-will-never-be-a-special-version-again car sold out.

As genuinely interesting as a place like this can be (when the latest makes this much a case for also being the greatest, there’s bound to be some neat kit to ogle), the primary importance is the capacity for shows like these to inspire the budding automotive or engineering enthusiast.

Few other places than an international auto show will have the kind of diversity of display that can pique so many different interests. There are a few vintage machines mixed in with the bleeding edge of modernity for one, there is the full presence of the spectrum capped by full-on racing cars on one end and the most mass-produced economy production cars on the other, and every purpose from hyper car to car-as-an-appliance is well represented here. If any dormant passion for the automobile resides among the attendees, there’s a floor full of inspiration to help coax it out.

Whether it’s the F40-style triple pipes exiting the rear of the new Civic Type R, the buttressed body of the futuristic Ford GT, or the plain lunacy of the latest Koenigsegg offering, there should be plenty to go around. See for yourself.

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Peter Lysobey
Peter Lysobey

Pretty much the only thing I care about whenever I go to the show is the Manhattan Motorcars booth. They never disappoint with the cars they show, even though there’s always a crowd of people 10 deep and you have to shoulder your way through them like a football linebacker in order to get a decent view. The Ford GT looked amazing, the Dodge Demon was cool. But my absolute favorite car there was the Sensuale Concept. Tucked away in the corner of the show, this aluminum-bodied, Ferrari powered, hand built beauty was better than anything else there. Out of… Read more »

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

OK .. in response to both Alex and Mr Meyer’s comment .. my favorite auto show story ; Several years ago being a loyal MBOC member and almost famous I was asked to be a part of Mercedes’s display at a prominent US auto show . On the 2nd day who do I run into but an old university pal who is a writer for a prominent automotive publication . So we scheduled a time to catch up as well as take in the show together seeing as how we share similar tastes and aesthetics . After walking past row… Read more »

Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer

HA!, new cars do all sort of run together in a lump don’t they? I believe Mr. Sobran said something to that effect, loosely quoted as “beige things that beep.”
My eleven year old Mustang looks better to me with every passing auto show.
BTW G.S., Being a true geezer I had to google Vincent Littlehat since I had not a clue what it was…….thanks dude. What’s seen cannot be unseen.


Are you blind? the cars you referenced look nothing alike. Please come back when you are educated and ready to make a respectful comment

Jim Levitt
Jim Levitt

Me, the wagon lover, and now old and broke….that Porsche “Brake” is sooooooooooooooooooo nice. If I had a couple of hundred grand lying around for one of those in turbo AWD form, oh boy!.
(Why would they show it in such a God awful color???)

Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer

I concur with G.S. Lots of ugly, lots of zillionaire wet dreams.

Wake me if it ends.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

Hee Hee … But err .. personally I don’t mind the occasional zillionaires ‘ wet dream ‘ … as long as they’re worth dreaming about that is … being a whole lot more Carla Bruni * and a whole lot less Lady Gaga ! Which err … nothing on offer here is … worth dreaming about that is 😎

For the youth among us substitute Carla Bruni for Vincent Littlehat

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

Pardon me .. but other than the classics on display and the devoid of flappy paddle shifty thingies GT3 ….


And what ? The new Ruf CTR didn’t show up ? Jeeze .. we never get the good stuff

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

Alex ; 1) Problem is having attended the NY Auto Show before the days of the internet todays shows for the most part only contain that which has been previewed ‘ leaked ‘ etc a thousand times before the doors even open 2) And what is Audi .. trying to become Hyundai to be perceived in any way shape or form as a good thing when in fact Hyundai is the all time master of Cut & Paste Xeroxed pastiche ? 3) As for the Panamera . Yeesh ! While the sedan is at least Jolie Laide [ as well… Read more »