Journal: GALLERY: Highway Earth 2017 Was A Piece Of SoCal Car Paradise

GALLERY: Highway Earth 2017 Was A Piece Of SoCal Car Paradise

By Chris Gonzalez
June 28, 2017

Petrolicious-watermarked photography by Abhi Chatterjee & Shayan Bokaie / Unmarked photography by Evan Klein

This past Sunday some of us on the Petrolicious team were lucky enough to spend the day with our fellow automotive enthusiasts in a quintessentially Californian canyon surrounding a mountain lake. Evan Klein, the brains behind this show, Highway Earth, reached out to us to join him for his annual gathering, and though still quite young in its fourth year, we know the turnout is top-notch and not something to pass up for a bit of sleeping in. We’d trade cars for naps almost every weekend, but certainly when it’s a show like this one. We also figured this was a great opportunity to connect with our local community and give them a chance to meet part of our team. So, we packed up our gear and headed into the altitudes of Beverly Hills.

Nestled away in Franklin Canyon Park, a place that is somewhat hidden from the noise of Los Angeles (somewhat!), we arrived early in the morning as a wide variety of cars started to roll in behind us to join the even earlier risers that’d already staked out the best spots—though at a venue like this it’s hard not to be happy with any parking space as “scenic” is putting things quite modestly. As expected, the range was wide, the quality was not (read: it was very good), and we saw everything from Porsche to Citroën to Chevy to Triumph, heck, Speed Racer’s Mach (mock?) 5 even showed up along with a few Mad Max-esque vehicles to provide some fantasy to an already fantastic showing of cars and trucks. That was the essence of this show; Highway Earth brought us together for one reason, our passion for these machines, regardless of which badges we like best. Everyone’s got their favorites, but we can always learn a thing or two from those in a different kind of know. Stay too long in a bubble and it becomes your world, and who wants to live in a place so small? We spent the day marveling at the scenery, the cars, and connecting with our community, and until next year, enjoy the gallery below!

Photos By Abhi Chatterjee:

Photos by Shayan Bokaie:

Photos by Evan Klein:

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parsons joyner
parsons joyner
1 year ago

They are a group of car enthusiasts. Their cars are so lolbeans beautiful.

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