Travel: GALLERY: Lamborghini Doesn't Have Your Average History Museum

GALLERY: Lamborghini Doesn’t Have Your Average History Museum

By Alex Sobran
March 8, 2017

Photography by Ted Gushue

If you’re devout, really committed to something, then the great pains you take in pursuit of it tend to not hurt so much. The long journeys and the exhaustive nights are seasoned with a strong blend of good old anticipation and eagerness. After all, there are so many pilgrimages to be made, books to read, things to collect, and dreams to be had, and every once in a while it all comes together in a certain place and time. If your infatuation happens to center around a certain former tractor company, then the Lamborghini Museum might be the place to find such nirvana.

With a manufacturer as off-the-walls ridiculous as Lambo can sometimes be, it’s easy to see the cars they make as individual pieces of unorthodox art from someone who really, really likes fighter jets. What you miss in these solitary experiences with a Miura here, a Diablo there, is the way these oddities actually make a lot of sense, or, as much as is possible when you’re dealing with V12s, no visibility, and mileage per gallon figures that a toddler can manage to count to. What I mean is that these cars all lend each other the reference points that they’re missing out on their own—an LM002 just makes sense next to a Countach, but separate them and you’re left with something like two separate crazy people yelling at the sky. You can see the evolution of Lamborghini design through time at the museum; the lineage is on display and un-muddled by the more pedestrian cars that might surround these bulls in the wild.

There’s a lot to see here; this is a museum that includes all facets and decades of the marque’s evocative styling and daring projects. Take a look.

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6 years ago

‘Lamborghini design’ never touched me …. for several reasons

6 years ago
Reply to  Foxbaker

Whereas for myself Lamborghini’s leanings towards the abstract , iconoclast and Jolie Laide is what has attracted me to their designs especially in this era of Cosmic Jellybean design where almost everything looks like everything else .

But Ted .. illuminate me please … what is that yellow Miura with the contemporary wheels underneath ?

And FYI .. the Lost Your Password function still aint … functioning that is

6 years ago
Reply to  Foxbaker

… ahhhh … answered my own silly question in regards to the yellow Miura . Tis the 2006 Miura concept that unfortunately they never chose to put into production .

But errr … alas the Lost Your Password issue still remains