Featured: GALLERY: The Amelia Island Werks Reunion Spanned Porsche 917s To Outlaw 356s

GALLERY: The Amelia Island Werks Reunion Spanned Porsche 917s To Outlaw 356s

By Nate Stevens
March 14, 2018

Photography by Nate Stevens

In the hours before the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, one could find no shortage of automobile-centric activities to partake in on the island just off the coast of northeastern Florida. Even if you aren’t interested in the numerous fast-talking, gavel-banging bid-a-thons that have become ubiquitous in the days pre-Concours, or if you hadn’t registered for one of many available test drives from various automakers at the Ritz-Carlton, you were still in luck.

Minutes from the Concours show field at Amelia, a gathering of over 500 Porsche cars spanning the history of the marque took place the Friday prior at the Omni Plantation. In its second year at Amelia Island, the Werks Reunion (which has become a staple of Monterey Car Week for some time now) welcomes all fans of the brand, and of course also those who were just curious about the fabrications from Stuttgart. Put on by the Porsche Club of America, the event is more in the realm of a relaxed get-together than a clipboard and checklist car show, and all the better for it. Although there are still a few judged classes, the atmosphere is decidedly low-stakes and relaxed. More like a get-together than a competition. What’s more, the whole thing was free to attend, so even casual enthusiasts and slightly interested locals would have been remiss to turn it down.

Highlights from the gathering included a selection of Rod Emory’s creations, most notably the completely restored 1951 Le Mans class-winning 356 SL wearing a big “46” in its meatball. The Jägermeister and Blue Coral-liveried 935 monsters were on display as well as Emerson Fittipaldi’s 1974 IROC 911 and the psychedelic #35 purple and green 917K wearing the famed “hippie car” livery. Regardless of your individual taste for Porsches though, you’d have a hard time finding something that didn’t speak to you here. And if by slim chance you didn’t find anything to your liking, you at least got your money’s worth.

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Jim Goodlett
Jim Goodlett

Superb capture of the 959 Dakar tribute in Rothmans livery which was built by the lads at Series900.com based on a 964 C4 platform chassis, but the body is done in fiberglass and Kevlar to the exacting specs of the Porsche 959 cars that raced the 1986 Paris-Dakar…the interior has era correct Recaro seats, full cage including the extra wheel inside the back window, and era correct rally clocks…the number 187 car was driven by Kussmaul and copilot Unger, and the later having seen the car, signed the inside of the door! What a car!! Thanks for covering the event!!

Jim Goodlett
Jim Goodlett

Should have mentioned that I have pedaled this car offroad and with its all wheel drive system, eats dirt and mud like no tomorrow! Groovy bits indeed!! Cheers

wing nut
wing nut

The number of exceptional cars at this event is always breathtaking. So many Porsche’s so little time. Sigh. The #35 psychedelic 917 if not mistaken is a clone but a damn fine one. I believe the “real” car was a long tail and resides at Dr. Simeone’s museum in Philly. Could be wrong on that fact so fact checkers please correct me if appropriate. The 917 is one of my all time favorites so seeing this car gave me chills as its bloody perfect in its execution. The engine and gearbox were the tell tale signs of it being a… Read more »


It was a clone. I did find out that a short tail raced at Watkins Glen with the hippie livery. As you mentioned, Dr. Simeone’s 917 is the famous one.

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson

Great pictures but did you mean the #46 in the “meat ball”?

The IROC car really takes me back to being a kid watching Wide World of Sports. I was already a fan of the show but the televised IROC Porsche races helped make me a Porsche lover {not owner :^( } for life. That and seeing the Sunoco 917s race at Watkins Glen. :^)

Mike Prendeville
Mike Prendeville

Holy Vignette