Featured: GALLERY: The Flowing Form Of McLaren's 720S

GALLERY: The Flowing Form Of McLaren’s 720S

By Alex Sobran
March 17, 2017

Photography by

The Geneva International Motor Show may be wrapping up this weekend, but the impressions left by the cars displayed this past week are not so ephemeral. Out of the deep well of exceptional newcomers, one that stands out is the latest McLaren “Super Series” car, the 720S. Claiming to scramble from 0-60 in the sub-3-second range, and supposedly capable of comfortably exceeding 200 miles per hour, it’s a given that this car will be fast—as if that’s a surprise.

However, the more powerful engine takes a back seat to the radically altered styling that separates this car from it’s predecessors. With a revised carbon monocoque, fully techno-injected suspension and stability systems, and a rakish form built around some cutting-edge aerodynamic wizardry, this is clearly a car that’s been in the works for some time, not just another “update.”

Though we all agree that the F1 is the brand’s ultimate road car—sorry P1 fans, it’s just true—this is a boldly designed and likely assiduously engineered link in a chain of significant cars to come from Woking, and is a reminder that certain contemporary cars deserve some space in your brain too.

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Kr Ashwin
Kr Ashwin
5 years ago

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Ae Neuman
Ae Neuman
5 years ago

the only mclaren to interest me has been the f1. all these new ones seem to be the continuation of a boring aesthetic.

5 years ago

Having seen this in real life, it is a face only a mother could love.