Featured: GALLERY: The Mille Miglia Staging Area Might Be The World’s Greatest Car Show

GALLERY: The Mille Miglia Staging Area Might Be The World’s Greatest Car Show

Ted Gushue By Ted Gushue
May 19, 2017

Photography by Ted Gushue

While the time focused event that bears the Mille Miglia moniker today may have precious little to do with the original race that ran its last lap of Italy in the late 50’s, the cars that find themselves in Brescia once a year are some of the most incredible examples of automotive history on the road today. Each one of the cars you see here will be hurled across the Italian countryside over the next four days, but first they must all stop at the Fiera di Brescia for Scrutineering.

Literally translated, Fiera means “Fair” and my god, what a fair it is. Side by side you have more 300SLs than you can shake a stick at. Villa d’Este winners? Check. Pebble Beach Princes? Check. All of the cars that you would normally see on a green lawn and then some are sitting under one roof, parked in rows, with virtually no one around. It’s like stumbling into the ultimate toy box, albeit one with a value in the hundreds of millions.

What’s incredible as well is that due to the strict standards for entry into the Mille, almost every car you see here must have impeccable provenance. Yes that’s a factory long nose D-Type. Yes that’s a werks SLR. The cars are simply incredible, and for a few days before the start of the Mille, they are just sitting there for your enjoyment.




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Had the privilege and joy of following the 1994 Mille in a Press car with photographer Allan Rosenberg. Fabulous few days chasing all around Italy. Sterling Moss was lead driver in Mercedes 300SL. Best driving car event ever for me!

Roland Alfonso
Roland Alfonso



Art on wheels ! Better than . . .


Goodness that wing on the 550 is the most hideous and ridiculous thing ever! Original or not.

Scott A
Scott A

The rolling Museo,
Thanks for the meet up. Scott