Gear: Hand-built Bugatti T59 Gives Endless Delight

Hand-built Bugatti T59 Gives Endless Delight

By Petrolicious Productions
May 2, 2013

Bugatti’s T59 is arguably the most advanced and beautiful GP car the firm ever built. Utilizing a supercharged, twin cam, straight eight derived from that of the T57S, it displaced 3.3 liters and made roughly 250 HP running on alcohol. Based on the earlier T35 and its derivatives, the T59 was nowhere near as dominant as its predecessor, however, as it was heavily outclassed by the emerging German competition which was heavily subsidized by the National Socialist regime. The T59 can be distinguished from T35s by its use of wire wheels in place of the thick-spoked alloys with integrated brake drums as used on the earlier car.

On offer from the Collector Studio’s Motorsport Gallery in Toronto, and strictly limited to only 10 pieces is this incredibly detailed and hand-built 1/8 scale model of the T59, offered with or without post-race patina. The level of attention lavished on the smallest features of this replica is nearly breathtaking, from its miniscule brake shoe springs, piano wire body retainers, quarter elliptical springs and associated suspension parts, wood-rimmed steering wheel, to the spectacular highlight of all these wonderful things—the engine. One could literally waste an entire working day evaluating its inner workings and astonishing craftsmanship with which they’re built.

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shreya sharma
shreya sharma
2 months ago

Get the more fun to play word unscrambler puzzle game thanks for the share.

Keeley Hauck
Keeley Hauck
2 years ago

Bugatti’s racing cars have come to represent the greatest myths in automotive history, but one model, in particular, stands out so beautifully that it is on every enthusiast’s wish list. Type 59 is the dream of every person who loves to go to racings. Well, now I would like to read article which is about the benefits of adding music in commercial.

Rip Curl
Rip Curl
10 years ago

The guys at Collectors Studio cater to the richest of the rich so quality trumps price. I’ve been there and the place is pretty cool with stuff for all price ranges so that not only the oil barons of the world need apply.

Dan Woodward
Dan Woodward
10 years ago

Crazy detailed and utterly enchanting.

I imagine the price is eye watering though.