Journal: Has Your Car Helped You Get Out Of A Traffic Ticket?

Has Your Car Helped You Get Out Of A Traffic Ticket?

March 23, 2015

Photography by Kika Vigo-Behnia

In 2010, I had planned a “romantic” road trip with Kika up to Big Sur, San Francisco, and the Sonoma wine country. I put romantic in quotes because I also had an ulterior motive: to go to the Monterey car week. Back then, Kika was still my girlfriend and not yet my wife; we had not yet launched Petrolicious; and she would speak about cars in sentences such as “I like this red one,” or, “that green one is cute.” Today, she speaks about cars using language such as, “the Montreal has so many similar cues as the Miura, I bet it was also designed by Gandini.”

I was really itching to put some memorable miles on the Alfa Romeo 8C, so we packed its limited luggage space to the brim and set off on Wednesday of the car week, which, as an aside, is a great day to travel during that hectic week as the masses haven’t hit the road yet—meaning much less traffic on the way.

We took the coastal route, of course, and everyone knows that the section of 101 north of Santa Barbara is full of CHP looking for speeders. I behaved well and only drove at 10 mph over the limit. For the most part, that is. Driving the 8C at 70 on beautiful open highways with very little traffic is a test of one’s patience. You might as well be going 25—it feels that slow.

On the stretch of 101 where it winds uphill heading towards Buellton, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I opened it up. After enjoying that windy hill climb, the highway straightened out, and I was rapidly catching up on traffic ahead.

It was then that I realized that the car in front was an undercover CHP officer in an unmarked Ford Interceptor. I won’t tell you how fast I was going, but I will tell you that I was able to break hard and slow to 90 mph before he clocked me.

I slowed down to the posted 65 MPH limit, and he slowed down even further to get behind me. Not wanting to create more trouble than I was already in, I pulled over before he even had a chance to turn on his lights and siren.

As we’re waiting for the officer to approach our car, Kika is laughing at me…I’m still not sure why. Perhaps not having ever driven, she doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation—this could get ugly.

Officer: “This is the first one of these that I’ve ever seen. What is it?”

Me: “It’s an Alfa Romeo 8C.”

Officer: “When did it come out?”

Me: “Oh, about two years ago.”

Officer: “Well, it’s very fast. I clocked you at 90, but you were going faster than that. You wouldn’t happen to be going to Monterey, would you?”

Me: “Why yes, officer. We are.”

Officer: “How would you like me to do you a favor?

Me, excited with anticipation: “Well I would certainly love that, officer.”

Officer: “I’ll let you go this time, but promise me you’ll drive up safely.”

Me: “Thank you very much, officer. I will!”

That was our lucky moment, and to this day I believe that the 8C had a lot to do with it. I’m sure if I had been driving my previous car, a BMW M Coupe, there would have not been any chit chat, and I would have received the ticket without any second thought on the officer’s part.

So, have any of your cars ever helped you get out of a ticket? Tell us how!

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2 years ago

I was driving my Landrover Defender 110 TDI on a road trip from South Africa up north. When I got to Tanzania they must have just got a delivery of some radar equipment. I was stopped 3 times on the same day. First time the cop told me I was doing 103km/h (62 mph). I asked him what the limit was and he sheepishly said 60…. and waved me on. The second time I again asked the cop what the speed limit was – still 60mph. I asked what my speed was and he said 102mph… those of you that know a Landrover Defender will know that it struggles to do 75mph fully kitted out. I showed the cop my speed dial which went up to 80… another sheepish look and I was on my way. The third time they got lucky – they must have put up a sneaky 50mph sign which I missed and got caught going 60 😫 I tried negotiating (as you do in most of Africa) but to no avail – 10,000 Shillings ($20) later I was on my way.

2 years ago

Hi Afshin! Lots of stories to tell but my favorite is when I was in my 1973 Dino GTS with chairs and flares and a custom paint job and I was tooling down the 55 freeway here in OC towards Newport Beach when suddenly I was passed on the right by a Lamborghini Espada and, well, we kinda started speeding up. lol We managed to get our speed up to around 130 and then the Lambo pulled off on the northbound 405 ramp, leaving me to deal with the sudden appearance of some police cars. Seven of them, to be exact, plus a guy in a white Cadillac who wanted to citizen’s arrest me. Since it is the first cop that pulls you over that gets the ticket, he asked all the other cops and the Cadillac guy to leave, he had it under control. As he wrote me a ticket for 100MPH (at the time the CHP didn’t use radar so he had to estimate my speed), he admired the car, telling me it “looks like it’s going 100 MPH just sitting there”. Well, to my amazement, when I went to court, I told the judge what the cop had said and that “the officer seemed to not be a good judge of my speed, since he thought it looked like it was doing 100 MPH just sitting at the side of the road”. To my relief, the judge agreed with me, based upon the officer’s comment, and dismissed the case. No ticket!

John McAleavey
John McAleavey(@john_mcaleavey)
2 years ago

I got my first ticket at 17, driving home to change for work (from high school). Through some series of unfortunate circumstances, I didn’t get out in time to beat the busses and was running late, so I sped home, and was clocked doing 69 in a 40. The thing I noticed, as a gear head and AP student was that the ticket said I had traveled 1/4 Mile in 1.29 seconds (which meant I averaged 696 mph). When I went in front of the magistrate I pointed out that either my $400 1994 Mazda Protege had been tuned out of this world by me, or that the police officer had just fabricated these numbers to incriminate me. I had to go to a class about the dangers of speeding, but my very expensive ticket and points were both dropped.

Paul Boulard
Paul Boulard(@paul_boulard)
4 years ago

I remember my mother being pulled over in her SAAB 900 aero because she crossed a red light in our small town. The fact is,she was wearing a pinkish dress and told the officer “Oh my! I’m going to get scolded by my husband”… She never was fined

5 years ago

I got clocked at 140 MPH, on a highway where the speed limit is 75 MPH.
The officer couldn’t believe a MINI Cooper S could go that fast. As it was a national holiday, he let me off, even informing me there aren’t other patrols for the next 100 miles. Happened in Macedonia, on the way to Greece.

James Hasler
James Hasler
5 years ago

This may as a surprise but I was caught speeding in the UK in my very first car. I was on an unrestricted dual carriageway where the limit is 70mph and I was caught doing 83 mph.

However the car I was driving was a Citroën Dyane 6 . Its engine produced a massive tyre shredding 31bhp and had a theoretical top speed of 75mph.

The horizontal speedometer topped out at 80 but the needle had long since left the dial (something I did not admit to the officer).

The car looked very scruffy and probably could have been pulled over for any number of apparent offences but speed was not going to be one of them.

I was let off with a caution and asked not to be so lead footed in the future because it was 2am and the traffic was very light and the officer doubted his own equipment given the speed I was actually doing!

Ian Bennett
Ian Bennett
5 years ago

I bought a Sierra Cosworth shortly after they first came out. I let my friends father-in -law have a drive , I sat in as passenger. He couldn’t believe how quick it was then I could see the blue lights flashing in the passenger door mirror! Must have been doing 80mph in a 30 zone !! Fair play to the policeman, after we explained we had just picked it up and didn’t realise the speed of the car he said how he liked Fast fords and sent us on our way…phew !

Joel Milhazes
Joel Milhazes(@milhazes)
5 years ago

i know that it whould seem impossible but i manage to get away whiout any ticket wen i was speding and i cought a police check point at the time whit my offroader, i know its impossible but its true , the cop could fine me for wheels exaust and lights not behing regulated , not to mention speeding in town limit speed is 50km/h i was going 80km/h

Chuck Goolsbee
Chuck Goolsbee(@chuck_goolsbee)
5 years ago

I inherited my father’s 1965 E-type Jaguar in 2003. I drive it as it was designed and intended, and have taken a two-thousand mile trip in it at least once a year. As you would imagine it attracts a lot of attention, not all of it desired. I have been pulled over in the car more times than I can recall, but have *never* been ticketed. Sometimes I think the cops are pulling me over JUST to get a closer look at the car. I’m always happy to chat about it, telling the story of how my dad restored it 25 years ago, and will even open the bonnet and show them the engine of thy want.

Like you, my daily driver is an M (though mine is a Roadster, E85) and let me tell you I have never been sent away without a ticket in my hand in the BMW!

Mark Buckland
Mark Buckland
5 years ago

Not long after I bought my Maserati 4200, I took it out for a blast on some quiet A roads near where I live.
They’re perfect for driving fast on, wide, smooth and plenty of safe over taking places.
On one over taking move I did I over took a line of 4 cars and slipped into a space behind another line of cars.
It was only when I looked into my rear view mirror that I realised I’d just pulled in front of an unmarked police car.
However rather than pull me over they grinned wildly and both gave me the thumbs up!
Can see why. It’s a gorgeous car and sounds awesome.

6 years ago

Yes. Cops like muscle cars.

Mercurio Muzzupappa
Mercurio Muzzupappa(@1969giuliati)
6 years ago

It was about 7 or 8 years ago, when the speed limits were not a big problem here in Italy. Speed cameras were not a common sight, and we were drivin’ more happily than today. I have this 1969 Giulia 1300 TI, in stock condition, with 42k kilometers on the clock. It has one modification only: 2 two barrel Dell’Ortos carbs. I bought this car for summer use in the place where I was born, in southern Italy. I was drivin’ near a little town called Tropea, and I wasn’t caring a bit about the speed. Out of a turn, I saw this blue car with the famous yellow script on its side: CARABINIERI! I immediately shifted from 5th to 4th, and then to 3rd. Nothing happened, the cops didn’t stop me. After a couple of minutes, I was again in 5th gear and speeding as usual. Then I heard the siren from behind. I tried to slow down without hitting the brakes, in order to keep the back lights off. It didn’t work. They pulled me over. I didn’t say anything. I knew I was speeding, so it was the time to keep the mouth shut. Cop: You know you were speeding, don’t you? Me: Yes sir, I did it because I wanted to stretch this old Alfa’s legs! Cop: Well, we did not stop you for the speed. We wanted to have a look on your car! Me: Sure thing sir. I’m very happy to show you my car.

Mercurio Muzzupappa
Mercurio Muzzupappa(@1969giuliati)
6 years ago

Here some pics of the Giulia.

Lee Hower
Lee Hower(@lee88)
6 years ago

When my girlfriend (now wife) and I moved out to California, we drove cross country with a 17′ U-Haul box truck towing her aging Toyota Tercel behind us. This was shortly after graduating from college so we started the trip from my childhood home in Florida. On the first day of the trip somewhere in the Florida panhandle, I got pulled over by a state highway patrol officer. I was doing close to 80mph in a 65mph zone on I-10.

Officer: “Do you know how fast you were going, son?”
Me: “I know the limit here is 65, sir, but I wasn’t paying close attention to my exact speed just now.”
Officer: “Well I clocked you close to 80. Where are you headed with this rig?”
[He was clearly slightly mystified a U-Haul box truck towing a car could achieve 80mph…]
Me: “Well sir my girlfriend and I are now moving in together. I grew up in Florida but I took a job in California, so we’re driving out there together with all our worldly possessions in this U-Haul. That beat up red Tercel there behind us is my girlfriend’s car, and that’s the only one we currently own.”
Officer: “I see. Well drive safely son and I wish you two well. Keep it no more than 10mph over the limit and I’m sure no other cops will bother you.”

Michael Yount
Michael Yount(@michaelyount)
6 years ago

I’m the proud owner of a 1982 Volvo 242 ‘Restomod’. It’s powered by a late model EFI Ford 5.0L V8 backed up by a Tremec 5 speed and a Ford 8.8″ rearend. The suspension and brakes have been altered to allow it to handle and stop as well as it accelerates. My personalized tag is RPVNWNKL — a nod to the ‘ultimate sleeper’. It’s even beige. Fact is, vast majority of people don’t even SEE it.

A number of years ago, when we lived in Knoxville, TN, my wife and I attended a little hotrod cruise-in and then headed out to the movies on a beautiful Friday night. This particular theatre was located in a mall and was accessible from a 6-story parking deck behind the theatre. It was a poorly designed (read – old) parking deck where each lane in the deck had to deal with 2-way traffic. So once every two hours or so as people were heading in to see movies and others were leaving after having seen their movies – traffic crawled to a stop, especially on the first 2 or 3 levels of the garage. Hundreds of drivers trying to back out of or pull into spaces simultaneously with a line of traffic on either side of the lane in the way.

After spending a good 15 minutes slugging through traffic to get up to the third level, my wife exited the car to walk in and get our movie tickets. I was going to head up to level 5 or 6 where hardly anyone was parked to get a ‘good’ parking space — no chance of door dings — and then head inside to meet her. Once I cleared the 3rd level and headed up to the 4th level there was no traffic at all and virtually no cars parked on that ‘up’ ramp. So as I rounded the corner to head up the next level I laid into the throttle to let the car ‘clear its throat’ a bit. At the time, the car had a fairly healthy (read – loud) exhaust system on it. So as the throaty roar of a healthy V8 echoed in the parking deck, both rear tires broke loose and I laid down a righteous pair of black stripes for 20-25 feet. Just enough to kind of make me ‘LOL’.

Having gotten that out of my system, me and the car slowly ambled up to the top floor of the deck and parked the car safely on the end of the row under one of the lights on the deck. As I was locking it up a Mall Security car came roaring towards me with its yellow light on. I took a few steps towards the officer and he stopped beside me with his window down. It was evident that I was about 25 years older than he was. AND he was an off-duty Knoxville police officer working security for the mall – so not your typical ‘mall cop’. I want to be sure you have the picture — young police officer questioning ‘mature’ gentleman stepping out of an old, beige Volvo. He was clearly agitated and proceeded to ask me “Sir, what did you think you were doing back there?”

Now, I had a choice to make. I’m pretty proud of the fact that over the years, I’ve done the right thing. I’m a safe driver (former SCCA racer) and have been involved in precious few incidents over the years. My insurance companies love me – I pay my premiums on time and I rarely have claims. However, if I screw up – I own it. The couple of times I’ve been ‘caught’ speeding during almost 5 decades of driving, I pull over quickly, respectfully ‘fess up’ and throw myself on the mercy of the officer. Which in my case meant a couple of polite tickets a LONG time ago. But this time, something different happened. I know he didn’t SEE me do what I did on the ramp — he saw me turn the corner and then he HEARD something. So I looked him right in the eye and in a very innocent manner replied – “I’m quite sure I don’t know what you’re talking about officer.” Still agitated he said “I heard you lay into the gas and spin the heck out out of the tires as you headed up the garage.” I knelt beside his car so we were eye to eye. With more innocence I said “You do realize that I’m driving that 1982 Volvo sitting over there, right? You saw me get out of it. Officer, have you ever ridden in or driven a 1982 Volvo?” Immediately you could see a look of embarrassment come over his face. I continued with a smile “I’d like nothing better than to be able to spin the tires at will, but old Volvos like mine are doing pretty good just to make it up the the ramps in the parking garage.”

At this point, to mix metaphors, all the steam went out of his sails and he said “Sir, I am so sorry. I saw you round the corner and then I heard the noise and I just assumed it was you. I understand what you’re saying…I just didn’t think it through I guess.” I had to give him credit for his humility. I patted him on the arm and said “Don’t worry about it we all make mistakes.” I continued “For what it’s worth, I saw a couple of kids in a red SS Camaro down on level 3 turning the corner at the other end of the ramp – it was likely that car that you heard.” He smiled and said “Well, you’re probably right. And they’re long gone. Have a nice evening sir – sorry to have troubled you.” And I replied “No trouble at all officer. Thanks for keeping us safe.”

Absolutely true story. A piece of me feels guilty because I just plain lied. There’s no justification for that. But I was sure I hadn’t put myself or anyone else in harm’s way. And at that moment, it just seemed like the right thing to do. It still makes me laugh just thinking about it. Ultimate sleeper indeed.

Peter Inshaw
Peter Inshaw(@fb_1557448261)
6 years ago

Everyone, knock for me please, grazi!
Ive been blessed with good cop karma. Especially Detectives. Word to the masses, if a detective pulls you over, youre goin to hell or god (in any form you choose to visualize him/her) has blessed you. I got blessed twice. Once is a Saab 9000 Turbo when I smoked all 4 tires braking on the freeway to ditch a rice rocket, another blasting out of gas station on BMW S1000RR, Clocked at 70 in a 35, albiet I slowed to 40 before even seeing the unmarked car stink eyeing me. Then there was power drift in the race truck exiting onto my street (offier pulled up, window down, suggested I tame my enthusiasm, whew) and lastly blasting the M5 home, got pulled over and when the officer heard I hadnt gotten a ticket in 10 years, blinked, shook his head, walked back to his car to look it up, before coming back to tell me he wasnt gonna break my streak and ease it down for the rest of my ride home. These are the times I think on as I get the red mist and realize I need to save my “enthusiasm” for the race track. Ciao

Brent D
Brent D(@bdolan40)
6 years ago

In June of 2012 I got pulled over in my then 2 weeks old Scion FR-S. Having relased on Memorial Day Weekend not long before, folks had only seen a handful if any. The cop clocked me doing 55mph in a 35 as I downshifted into my neighborhood.

I rolled down my window and he gave me the run down, asking me drive more safely in the future and then proceeded to ask me about 10 minutes of questions on the car and its twin Subaru BRZ. Still owe him for helping keep my insurance low!

Bradley Price
Bradley Price(@fb_100003028226242)
6 years ago

I have never once encountered a cop here in the Northeast who showed the slightest inclination towards letting me off with a warning even for the most minor thing, no matter what car I drive. I think they have a strict mandate to ticket no matter what because the almighty dollar is so important to the townships. I once had a cop near West Point stop me for a rolling stop in my GTV6 and he asked me all sorts of questions about the car–then still wrote me up. Which was worse than had he said nothing at all. The days of the nice officer letting you off with a warning because you’ve got a perty car are over here in the East Coast. It’s all about the money now.

Brandon Nesset
Brandon Nesset(@nesset127)
6 years ago

I got stopped in my 76′ BMW 2002 and I had a headlight out I didn’t know about. Me and the officer got into a small conversation about the car and he just said “Get home before I can catch up to ya again, have a nice night.”

Laughed to myself the whole way back home.

Stephen H
Stephen H(@pandion)
6 years ago

If one is to be pulled over, I recommend 42 inch tall fiberglass cars.
In my college town, there was a small cloverleaf interchange where you came over a bridge, made a blind, off-camber left, and zipped onto an S-curve entrance ramp. Or, if you messed up and went on the wrong side of the dividing curb, you went the wrong way onto the other ramp. Which is what I did, just as a patrol car went by in the other lane. He lit up and accelerated up the road to do a U-turn, while I exited out the entrance to the ramp, pulled into the first parking lot, got out of the car and waited. He’d never seen a Lotus Europa S2 before, so after getting my lame story about going in the exit out of the way, we chatted about the car. No, not particularly fast, but it handles, brakes and accelerates well. Yeah, gets lots of attention.
Fast forward 20 years, and I’m not enjoying the attention from a group of guys stocking up on beer at the convenience store I stopped at. Not wanting to be around them, I zipped through the gears as I pulled out, getting to maybe 15-20 mph over in a 45 before it turned into a 55. I noticed some tiny flashing lights back a mile or so and debated trying to dodge him, but instead, put on a turn signal, pulled into a parking lot, got out of the car and waited. He’d never seen a Lotus Europa Twin Cam Special before, so after getting my lame story about not wanting to be around that bunch of guys loaded down with beer out of the way, we talked about the car. No, not particularly fast, but it handles, brakes and accelerates well. Yeah, gets lots of attention.
All my other cars have been over 42 inches tall and steel, and I never got out of a ticket in any of them.

Rye Bread
Rye Bread(@fb_814215231)
6 years ago

Ok this is not a story I am particularly proud of but one New years I had had a couple drinks (not enough to make me too stupid, but enough to blow a DUI and well, drive in my state…) and I was rushing somewhere with my buddy passanger to stop some unpleasantry at around 1 am in my Acura RSX. As I was proceeding down a road with a concrete divider in the middle to separate oncoming traffic, and well I was going quite the click, bare in mind that there was 3 cars on the road 1 going my direction and two going in the opposite direction tho distanced significantly apart (This is important). I pass an intersection and instantly sirens and lights on my tail, at this point I panic not particularly interested in getting a DUI and I pop a quick left at an up coming break in the island. I was going to fast. I began to understeer I quickly pull right and because FWD I mashed the throttle and was able to pull myself in to the oncoming lane driving the wrong way… I as cautiously as one could be in a situation avoided the oncoming traffic and fled the scene. Now before I receive a huge amount of flame I 1. have never drank and drove since and 2. I have moved on to a MR car so please be kind 🙂

Zach Hellman
Zach Hellman(@fb_100000195580033)
6 years ago

I used to work 5:30am shifts over the summer at a Country Club. Of course, one morning I sleep in and I’m starting up my ’89 BMW E30 at 5:29. I pull out of my neighborhood into a 35mph zone and quickly wind it up to 50…only to realize I had pulled into the street in front of a police cruiser. It was my first time ever being pulled over, and I was convinced I would get a ticket. However, the officer seemed surprised to find a teenager driving an old stick shift BMW. He asked a few questions about the car, and seeing the terrified look of this kid in a polo shirt and a name tag, he must have been felt empathetic – I got off with a warning. By the time I got to work, no one seemed to notice I was late. Seems like the quicker you try to get somewhere, the later you’ll be!

Paul Steel
Paul Steel(@steely)
6 years ago

Unfortunately no!
This week I recieved a speeding notice in my Alfa GT junior, 36 in a 30 zone on a section of road that goes from 30mph to 60mph just up the road, I have elected to take the speed awareness course (£85 + 4 hours) rather m&s than £100 fine and 3 points on my driving license, no excuse for doing 36 in 30 zone I guess, but I was the only car on the road at the time, heading towards a nice tunnel in the 60mph zone, I needed to get some speed up 😉

Michael Banovsky
Michael Banovsky(@banovsky)
6 years ago

A few years ago, I had a then brand-new Audi R8 4.2 FSI on test over the December holiday break, and drove it home to visit my parents. My dad and I went for a barbecue dinner one night to an even smaller town about 30 minutes away, and after our meal hopped back into the car and set off.

Click, into first.

I accelerated through the first three gears…and slowed down to the speed limit, putting the car onto its cruise control leash. A minute later, I spotted a pair of headlights getting closer…and closer…and closer…

I’m great at spotting headlights at night: “Dad, we’re going to get pulled over.”


The lights came on, I stopped, turned off the car, put the interior dome light on, got documents out, and waited for the officer. (I try to be extra polite.)

“Heard you leaving town,” he said, with an emphasis on ‘heard’. “Sounds good, eh?” I said, picking up that he didn’t have me on radar—I knew I hadn’t flashed past him on the way out of town.

“So…what is it?” he asked.

“The new Audi R8. Here, hop in…it’s a pretty fun car…”

We chatted for a few minutes, and he returned to his cruiser. It’s possible our interaction could have been much worse—but the mix of politeness, an exotic car, and lack of evidence definitely saved me from the fate I could have faced: in Ontario, an [i]automatic vehicle impound[/i] had he caught us on radar…

Matthew Vermeer
Matthew Vermeer(@matvermeer)
6 years ago

Micheal congrats on the new job. Just realized you’re an Ontario boy.

If ever you are interested in day swapping the abrath for an FRS let me know. I’m in Niagara.

Mathiaas Fuhredher
Mathiaas Fuhredher(@fb_100004857697918)
6 years ago

In 1993 a cop stopped me doing 80 km/h (50 mph) in a residential area (40 km/h limit, 25 mph). I was in my brand new bright red Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione II… I gave him my license, he glanced at it, looked at me and the car… Then he calmly said “It’s hard to drive her slow, huh?” He returned the license to me and said “Just be careful…” That was it… he just understood.

JsT Fartin
JsT Fartin(@sdwessmanc)
6 years ago

It was well after midnight and I was driving “rapidly” home from work in my ’66 Volvo 1800S (I was younger and an engineer in the tech industry so these were “normal” hours). There was hardly any traffic but for about 5 or 6 miles a car was tailgating me at a “polite” distance. I changed lanes multiple time to let the car by but it invariably moved into the lane I had moved to. Eventually he red-lighted and we pulled over. He said he was impressed that I had signaled at every lane change, that I should slow down and “Nice car”. Never even asked for ID, registration or insurance.

Alessandro Borroni
Alessandro Borroni(@fb_1122994050)
6 years ago

I have a BMW station wagon, sort of an M5 touring replica with the license plate “JALOPNK”… was speeding along happily only to see the lights… officer walks up and asks “how long have you been part of the commentariat, whats your login?”… I was totally confused and he says “”… I was so shocked to see those words come from his mouth that I probably sat there agape for a few seconds. Then I uttered something like “I’ve been a long time fan of the site, and told him my screenname”… he smiled and goes, “I know who you are, you write some funny shit” and then goes on to comment on some random article from months before that I barely remembered blabbing about. Long story short, he said something to the effect of “I’m sure you know how to drive better than half the so and so’s on the road, but my buddies and I don’ t know that, please slow down”… and left.

I’m still tingling from the experience.

Blake godbey
Blake godbey(@astonkid60)
6 years ago

My stories,
One night in Florida where my father lives I was in his 1968 GT500 I was coming back from my friends house in Venice and on the way back his house in Sarasota, it is about an hour drive door to door. I’m cruising along doing the speed limit almost all the way home I didn’t realize that my tail light was out along with my head light so now I’m really a target at night to a cop. I’m on the home stretch at this point about 2 miles away from home so I pick up the pace a little more then I should have and the Shleby is very loud you can hear this car from like a mile away as im moving quickly down this two lane road this cop goes flying by me realizes how fast we are going slows down comes next to me gives me the thumbs up and drives off. I knkw the car had everything to do with that situation if I was in my M3 it wouldn’t have gone so smoothly.
The second story that the car saved me. My dad and I were in a silver Series One Etype Coupe and we are doing 50 in a 30 and this cop comes up behind us very quick and flips on his lights im like well this is going to be a huge ticket so I was bracing for the worst
Officer: Could I see your License and registration or any verification ?
Me: Yes here you go officer
Officer: looks at it goes you know why I pulled you over ?
Before I could answer
Officer: Just kidding I wanted to see your car my grandma drove me around in one of these when I was younger I just wanted to stop and talk to you about your beautiful car.
We talked for half an hour and we went our separate ways, I was relieved I didn’t get a ticket.

Samir Shirazi
Samir Shirazi(@samirshirazi)
6 years ago

I have been stopped and asked every now & then about my car. but no tickets fortunately. and they sometimes have let me go hence my name is rare in iran and is the same as a police hero in a German TV series, who is a very fast driver.

Max W
Max W(@memphis-s13)
6 years ago
Reply to  Samir Shirazi

You are talking about Cobra 11 aren’t you? 🙂

Emanuel Costa
Emanuel Costa(@genovevo)
6 years ago

Well, two stories: In 2010, I think, I was driving a BMW Z4 35i in Benidorm, Spain (it was a press trip to test the car). After getting lost and driving even faster to find the right way, I made a U turn where I shouldn’t and was stopped 50 metres ahead. The policeman asked me what I was trying to do, then asked me about the car, it’s engine and horsepower. After that he told me to go and be careful.

A few months after that I was driving late at night from my hometown, Alcobaça, to the coastal city of Nazaré, 12 miles away. I had a few drinks and was afraid police would be stopping cars in a roundabout half way between the two locations. They were. More than 10 cops stopped a Honda Civic, then a BMW 320 and I was next. But despite there were lots of ‘free’ cops, they let me pass. The only reason I could find was this: I was testind a small, ugly, underpowered Suzuki Splash 1.0 (Google it up if you don’t know the car).

Brad Pearson
Brad Pearson(@waxhawbrad)
6 years ago

Mine was just two weeks ago! I was leaving the Charlotte area at 2:30AM to make it to a track day at Road Atlanta that morning (3.5 hour drive.) The officer examined the slick tires on the roof of my ’69 510 with his flashlight, asking where I was headed in such a hurry. After checking my license, and a brief conversation about my car and the events of the day, he sent me on my way. It could have been a terrible start to what turned out to be a great day.

Francois Bozonnet
Francois Bozonnet(@bozo348)
6 years ago

my experience is a bit different. In France, you have to spend a year in the army, it’s what we call the national service. during that year i choose to be part of the french “gendarmerie”, a kind of troop that monitors traffic and speed control.
i was located in the west of France, in britany near Loheac, a famous place for car lovers. As i was already passionate by car and specially by italian car, it was a real pleasure to me to stop some beautifull red car….just to look at them and talk to the driver.
but one day, we controlled a 355 gts red with red leather for a crossing line. after a few moment discussing with the driver about the car, the red leather and the mistake he made, i asked the officer to do a favor for my “new friend in the red Ferrari”. and it woked….
many years after, as i was a member of a local ferrari driver club (with a small but lovely mondial 3.4), i recognized the 355 owners. he was driving a 430 spider 16M, he admitted that sometimes the ferrari saved him from ticket because it”s a ferrari and that after all sometimes policemen are big children…

6 years ago

Many years ago I was driving my bodydropped minitruck and an officer pulled me over, he seemed to be tripping down memory lane checking out the truck as he was a minitrucker from way back. That was the ONLY minitrucking police officer I ever ran into, most had zero patience for the thing,

Frank Anigbo
Frank Anigbo(@fanigbo)
6 years ago

A similar story but somewhat backwards. Driving very late one night on a highway outside Boston in a Porsche Cayman S, a Cayanne turbo pulled alongside and invited me to play. Now, I normally don’t go for these sort of thing but on that night I decided to take him on — it was late and the road was empty. We both put our foot down and soon, out of nowhere, a third car joined in the fun…until his red and blue lights came on. We both got chewed out and handed a $400 ticket each. And now for the funny part. On my way to work the next day, just driving normally, I got pulled over for speeding.

Officer: you went over that bridge at 50, speed limit is 30.
Me: sorry, officer, my mind was elsewhere.
Office: I tell you what, I’ll let you off with a warning if you haven’t had a speeding violation in the past 5 years. When was your last speeding ticket?
Me: well, that’s an interesting question. Would you believe just last night. But prior to that, I think something like 8 years ago.

He let me off with a warning.

6 years ago
Reply to  Frank Anigbo

Thats a lucky break! I had someone recently ask me the same question, I was able to say 10 months ago and about 14 years ago, and he also let me off with a warning.

Dan Glover
Dan Glover(@74mgb)
6 years ago

My first car was a John Deere green 1978 Volvo 242DL. It got me out of speeding tickets by not being able to go fast enough to get a speeding ticket.

6 years ago

Sounds like the CHP officer did you a solid favor. Maybe you should remove his face and license plate number from the picture so he doesn’t get in trouble for helping you out.

Ae Neuman
Ae Neuman(@fb_1293493178)
6 years ago
Reply to  Eric

don’t us traffic officers have the discretion to issue a ticket or not ?

Afshin Behnia
Afshin Behnia(@afshinb)
6 years ago
Reply to  Eric

Truth be told, I only told half the story. The officer who pulled me over, as I mentioned in the article, was in an unmarked car. 20 minutes after he stopped me and let me go, I was cruising along at the posted speed limit, only to speed up ever so slightly to pass someone when ANOTHER CHP officer (pictured above) pulled me over for the second time. This one wasn’t as kind, but at least I wasn’t going as fast.

Benjamin Shahrabani
Benjamin Shahrabani(@ben-shahrabani)
6 years ago

Santa Barbara county police are the WORST. For the past two years on the way to Monterey I’ve gotten pulled over, and in all honesty, for just following the flow of traffic. The difference being was that I was driving a sports car. That being said, the 993 DID NOT save me from a ticket. So to the thesis of your article, yes, it would appear that a car can save you from a ticket, or perhaps mitigate it, but it depends on the car, its rarity…and most importantly the disposition of the officer.

That being said, when I was driving through Utah at 3am in the ratty 67 S, and got pulled over, a remark about co-driver Yoav and the possibility of him losing a toe to the extreme cold of the Utah night got the officer to cut me a break.

Maybe comedy and a nice car really can get you a break…

Max W
Max W(@memphis-s13)
6 years ago

Well I guess sports cars are alright too but it needs a certain age of the car so that people (cops) think you are a real [i]Connaisseur[/i] instead of being a douchebag with too much money.

My girlfriends 1984 Audi 80 always gets thumbs up from all kind of people while most people show me another finger if I’m driving a new high priced car from work. Wonder where that comes from 😀