Journal: Have You Seen A More Beautiful Engine Teardown?

Have You Seen A More Beautiful Engine Teardown?

By Michael Banovsky
October 29, 2015

Engines tend to look sad when removed from a vehicle, but light them well, add some action, and they’re capable of captivating. That’s what this short film from a German production company illustrates as an old Porsche engine is taken apart.

It’s a delight to watch this air-cooled 3.2-litre flat-6 being disassembled before a full rebuild, and even though it was posted a few years ago, the clip is still fresh today. Credit goes to Filmkooperation and Metzger Werk, plus Hanadis Garage for the illustration work.


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Lutz Weinschenk
Lutz Weinschenk
5 years ago

Everything’s true. But wouldn’t it be more professional to spell the name correctly? The constructor of the 911-engine is Hans Mezger – without a “t”. So is (better: was, the two guys divided their business) the company near Hamburg, paying tribute to him.

Vincent Laurent
Vincent Laurent
8 years ago

Awesome video. I saw it once but it’s still a pleasure to watch it again.
Metzger is THE reference when it comes to nursing air cooled flat 6.
They’re known for making engines even better than when they left the factory!
No need to say it’s a place to bring your 911 if you live in Germany. Or if you can afford to ship it there 🙂

Neil Reddin
Neil Reddin
8 years ago

Good stuff. Reminds me of [url=””]this one[/url] (on a Triumph Spitfire engine; slightly less exotic)…