Travel: Heaven Is Group B Rally Cars Shredding On Monza’s Crazy Banking

Heaven Is Group B Rally Cars Shredding On Monza’s Crazy Banking

By Jacopo Villa
December 9, 2015

Photography by Rosario Liberti

The Monza Rally Show is everything we love about rallying, but turned up to 11 in that it’s possible to see many stars from the motoring world compete on one of the most legendary tracks in the world—in a pretty formidable configuration (for 2015, at least).

The event is a bit of an oddball: Valentino Rossi and Tony Cairoli competing against 7 time Italian Rally Champion Paolo Andreucci and WRC star Thierry Neuville? Yes, it’s possible. This sort of show is always interesting, as you can see how motorcycle guys can compete against the rally stars. It’s also a chance to watch donuts and powerslides performed on Parabolica corner by Valentino Rossi.

The celebration is for good reason, as it marks the end of the motoring season at the Autodromo, another year spent worshipping speed and burning gasoline at one of the fastest tracks ever built. Be warned: if you’re a rally purist, be warned there won’t be any special stages held on closed public roads. The machines run in the safety of a closed track and entirely on tarmac. 

It’s a celebration, and definitely not a pure rally event. But as the weather turns to winter temperatures, don’t worry: you’ll be outside, freezing…and happy that you remembered to bring your whiskey flask.

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5 years ago

omg omg omg. i <3 group B. gimme any one of these cars… no Ford RS-200 though? 🙂

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
6 years ago

No … Heaven is a bunch of Group B [ or Group 4 ] cars being driven to the max in their intended environment by genuine rally professionals that actually know how to handle the beasts . The intended environment of course being ..Rally stages …. be they paved or dirt . Not on one of the most overly sanitized of all the classic tracks currently still operational

FYI . Not to be pedantic or anything … but there was only one 308 that ever ran in Group B and the one in the photos … aint it . All others ran in the previous Group 4 category both on the International circuit as well as National events . And again FYI . Many of the cars pictured are in fact Group 4 cars … not Group B . So perhaps a rewording of the header might be in order ? Not that there’s anything wrong with a mix of Group 4 and Group B mind you … just saying a bit more accurate header was needed here …

Shawn Bokaie
Shawn Bokaie
6 years ago

Heaven indeed!

Ron Pederson
Ron Pederson
6 years ago
Reply to  Shawn Bokaie

I was putting a car together for the 1987 Pikes Peak Hill Climb The car I was working on and sponsoring was a Ford RS200 Evolution about 600 hp> This is another Story. I also had a couple of other cars in my shop Auto Tecnica in Boulder Colorado. Two more of my favorites. I had a Group B version of the Lancia Delta S4, Talk about incredible sounds and carbon fiber body work. The other was a Beautiful Red 037 one of the few road going 037’s I will never forget the look and the sound. I was able to drive both of the Lancia’s on the road I would get up early go down to the shop on the weekends and take them for a little ride. I did this on a regular basis with the RS200. The sounds of the Ford and the Delta S4 were absolutely ViolentThe only way to describe it.. somewhere i have photos of all of these cars in the shop I just have to find the box that they are in..