Gear: Help Kickstart These Iconic 911 Sculptures

Help Kickstart These Iconic 911 Sculptures

By Alex Sobran
March 28, 2017

Photography courtesy of INSIDE THE BLOCK

Petrolicious is committed to the preservation and evolution of classic car appreciation, and we are firm believers that the attitudes behind tasteful driving should inform the aesthetics of what surrounds us outside of the driver’s seat. If you’ve been to our shop, you’ll find a swath of great artwork, clothing, toys, and accessories to make daily living a little more Petrolicious, and we are proud to support the newest project from the talented art and auto enthusiast behind the high-impact, high-contrast Remove-Before prints.

Now paired up with another artist, Marc Carreras—fitting surname, no?—is embarking on an effort to honor the Porsche 911 through innovative sculptures produced in Germany. Following the mindset that beautiful forms reside within every block of material, the INSIDE THE BLOCK project aims to illustrate this idea through a unique display. The presentation of the full piece includes a halved cork display that includes a top portion for safe-keeping. Whatever configuration you choose for the car, it can be presented on the included display stand, semi-submerged in the cork block, or as a freestanding single piece.

These ABS models achieve their smooth flowing forms by way of CNC machine milling and hand polishing, and the rich finish comes from the use of multiple coats of high-grade automotive paint. Iconic livery schemes, dubbed the “Legend” series, and fully customizable graphics are a further option for those looking for a little extra flair or as a way to honor your specific 911’s look. As a further source of individuality, all graphics are hand-laid.

The project is currently in it’s fundraising phase at the moment with two more weeks left to collect the required backing to produce these on a larger scale. All donations will be well-received of course, but as is standard-fare for these things, certain levels of support will receive a special thank you in the form of prints and sculptures. If you’re interested in supporting this 911 art project, you can learn more about how you can help on their Kickstarter page.

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