Journal: Here Are 12 Of The Most Mind-Blowing Clips We Watched This Year

Here Are 12 Of The Most Mind-Blowing Clips We Watched This Year

By Michael Banovsky
December 22, 2015

One of the most popular stories each week is the Weekend Playlist, a small selection of curated clips that are often best digested at leisure. It could be anything, from period documentaries you haven’t seen before to driver’s-point-of-view clips from the heat of the action at Monterey.

But which ones have we been watching over, and over, and over again?

OK, Eyes Of The Law starts a bit slow, but once you see the Polizei Porsches pull over Borgwards on the Autobahn, you’ll be hooked.

Sir Stirling Moss has driven for just about everyone, and he’s said that the small and nimble Porsche 718 RS 61 was perfect for the Targa Florio race. This is his personal car, at Goodwood.

For, um, science, someone uploaded the pivotal chase scene from Ronin. It’s as good as you remember.

Friend of Petrolicious Patrick Long teamed up with Racer magazine over the summer to film this awesome driver’s-point-of-view clip from the driver’s seat of a 1975 Porsche 911 3.0 Carrera RSR at Monterey.

Alain De Cadenet got to pilot the incomparably beautiful Jaguar XJ13 for his show, Victory By Design. We get to turn it up to 11.
What’s one of those classic clips that everyone should see? Ayrton Senna, in a Honda NSX Type-R, at Suzuka in Japan…with a foot camera.

This is a full, 30-minute video that shows BTCC near the height of its ‘90s popularity, and its novel “knockout” race—fast drivers at the back, and slow ones at the front. The price? Cold, hard, cash. If you get worked up easily, you should probably avoid this one…Murry Walker is commentating.

It’s not often that you get an up close and personal look at a car that didn’t make production, but this period documentary on the Ford GT70 will have you quickly wishing that the company had put this beautiful little sports car into production.

To date, one of our most highly-regarded films has been The Ferrari 250 GTO Speaks for Itself, focused around Derek Hill and—without a doubt—a V12-powered legend.

This is a clip we’ve wanted to air separately since the moment it was committed to memory: an in-car video of Hill driving the 250 GTO, minus sound, narration, or anything else that would get in the way.

This is how you sell a car that needs no advertising—except, of course, when the F40 owner’s friends visit and want to know what the car is like. “Ferrari just sent me…”

Driving Tips With Jackie Stewart was a home video guaranteed to make you a better driver, thanks to his easy to understand and exacting explanations for how cars are designed, move, and can be controlled.
Recently remastered and available online for free, The Devil At Your Heels is a little-known Canadian documentary that features the most insane car jump… But before that, a glimpse into the life of a professional stunt driver. It’s a hard knock life…



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Tyagi Ji
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Hans Schoolenberg
Hans Schoolenberg
8 years ago

Polizei isn,t pulling over a Borgward as you write under the first video. It.s an AUTOUNION 1000, comes after the DKW ande before AUDI

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