Journal: Here’s How To Watch The 74th Goodwood Member’s Meeting Live This Weekend

Here’s How To Watch The 74th Goodwood Member’s Meeting Live This Weekend

By Michael Banovsky
March 16, 2016

Photography by Amy Shore

Apart from this weekend being the first race of the 2016 Formula 1 World Championship, you may not be aware that a whole other world of racing is happening at the other side of the world, at the Goodwood Motor Circuit for the 74th Member’s Meeting.

Think of the Member’s Meeting as the Goodwood Revival without dressing up and a ton of pageantry and you wouldn’t be far off. It’s for motor racing fans to get up close and personal with iconic drivers, teams, and cars. A schedule of events with run groups like, “High Speed Demo: Ground-Effect F1 Cars” and “Silver Arrows driven by Mika Hakkinen and Jochen Mass” means if the new Formula 1 qualifying format isn’t great, you’ll definitely have a more interesting option to flip to.

Our photographer Jayson Fong will be there—look for our stories to hit early next week—but if you’d like to watch the proceedings live, the official internet stream (embedded here) starts at 9AM GMT on both Saturday and Sunday, finishing at around 6:30PM GMT. The proceedings will also be played on delayed broadcast throughout Saturday and Sunday nights.

Spring cleaning can wait another weekend, right?


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Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson
8 years ago

The old Can Am car race had just got started when there was an unseen accident. They showed one car return to the pits, the driver obviously in pain. The yellow flag came out, then it was red flagged and still the announcers haven’t said what happened or shown footage. Interesting. Kind of keeping it mum as they say.

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson
8 years ago

I doubt I’ll ever get to attend but it’s pretty damn cool to be able to watch this live feed! Thanks guys.

Matthew Lange
8 years ago

Lucky enough to be attending the event both days. Most looking forward to the Gerry Marshall Trophy and the Whitmore cup. For the latter partly because I have a couple of friends completing in the race.

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