Market Finds: Here’s Your Chance To Own One Of The Last Alfa Romeo GTAs Built

Here’s Your Chance To Own One Of The Last Alfa Romeo GTAs Built

By Andrew Golseth
June 2, 2016

Photography courtesy of Bonhams

In case we haven’t made it obvious enough, we here at Petrolicious love Alfa Romeo—there’s never enough Alfa. The Tipo 105 remains a favorite within the Alfisti circle thanks to its stout twin-cam inline-four, undeniably beautiful Bertone lines, and surprisingly capable chassis. Best of all, they were built in relatively high numbers, so sourcing one isn’t all that difficult and still (somewhat) affordable…unless you’re searching for the ultimate Giulia: the GTA.

The first batch of the Allegerita aluminum-bodied Autodelta special Tipo 105 were 1600 models (with 1,570-cc engines) but by 1968, Autodelta took aim on the popular sub-1,300-cc racing series—and so, the GTA 1300 Junior was born. Like the 1600, the smaller displacement GTA was offered in two variations, Corsa (race) or Stradale (street). In total, just 450 GTA 1300 Juniors were produced with only 193 being Stradale versions—making this 1975 Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior Stradale the rarest of the Bertone coupe.

Completed in July of 1975, this final year Hawthorne White on “Tex” black Junior was the seventh from last GTA built. By the time it was delivered new to Italian competition team S.C.A.R. S.p.A. in Florence, FIA regulations had changed deeming the GTA ineligible for the series in which it was produced for. It’s also worth mentioning: this GTA 1300 Junior was the last GTA sold new.

Seeing as it no longer had an official class to race in, the first owner opted to road register the car and enjoyed regular light drives for thirty years of ownership. The car was then sold to a German collector before being brokered to the Singer Vehicle Design of Alfa Romeos: Alfaholics. The one-stop-Alfa-shop sold the car to a Japanese Alfa Romeo collector who’s now offering this highly original GTA through Bonhams for the upcoming Greenwich Concours D’Elegance auction.

Although the small displacement GTA wasn’t equipped with its big-bore-brother’s lightweight magnesium engine components and wheels, the Junior did pack a mighty punch from its rev-happy powertrain. Chassis 776131 sports a dual 45 DCOE carb-fed twin-spark 1,290-cc DOHC-cam four-cylinder coupled to a five-speed manual transmission that’s stuffed with close ratio machined cogs for faster gear changes. Four-wheel disc brakes keep things under control while the independent front and live-axle rear suspension get to moving. 110 horsepower seems laughable but packed in the 1300’s stiff lightweight chassis, it was a winning combination.

The ad doesn’t clarify if the paint is original, but it presents nicely with factory optional green fender quadrifoglio and side stripe vinyl. The interior appears to be original with minimal wear. It’s noted all lighting equipment, mechanicals, down to every interior switch functions as it did the day the car left Autodelta. This Junior was fitted with an optional limited slip differential and 4.55:1 final drive.

Claimed rust and corrosion free (the chassis is steel) and accident free, this lightweight Tipo 105 time capsule has apparently never been raced—I suppose it’s about time someone took it to Goodwood for a break in. With just 64,000 kilometers since new and complete with service records and accompanying documents, all this Junior needs is to grow up already and hit the track.

– One of 193 Stradale Junior models
– Highly original and nicely optioned

~110 hp 1,290 cc twin-plug inline four-cylinder engine with dual 45 DCOE Weber carburetors, five-speed manual transmission, wishbone front suspension, live rear-axle suspension, and four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 92.5 in.

Vehicle information
Chassis no.: AR 776131
Engine no.: AR 00559 05377

Auction house: Bonhams
Estimate: $150,000 – $200,000
Price realized: Auction on June 5

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