News: Here's A Rare Chance To See Inside Prodrive HQ As It Opens Its New Powertrain Development Centre

Here’s A Rare Chance To See Inside Prodrive HQ As It Opens Its New Powertrain Development Centre

By News Desk
October 1, 2019

When we think of Prodrive we think WRC Subarus and WEC Aston Martins, but nowadays it’s a leading advanced technology company that has its roots in motorsport but also provides engineering solutions in the aerospace, automotive and marine sectors too. To grow this still further, and to provide more solutions to technical challenges, Prodrive has just opened its new advanced Powertrain Development Centre (PDC), a facility representing a £5-million investment.

The PDC will allow Prodrive to more effectively help the automotive and motorsport industry in developing the next generation of electric, hybrid and internal combustion engines.

Arthur Shaw, chief powertrain engineer at Prodrive, said, “The PDC marks a massive step forward in terms of our engine development capability and complements our existing skills in the design and development of all types of powertrain. The high specification of our new dyno means we are in the best position to calibrate units, allowing our customers to enjoy potential savings in terms of cost and time in comparison to physical testing on the road or track.”

That new transient dyno is a 660kW unit ,which is the most powerful of its type in the UK. It can simulate exact running conditions by replicating temperature, humidity and pressure-controlled induction air. Capable of handling outputs of up to 880hp, the dyno can also be configured to any powertrain layout including electric and hybrid set-ups.

In addition to the dyno, a dedicated engine build room can accommodate the assembly of up to 12 units at any one time. Shaw went on to say that the combining of the different stages of powertrain development all under one roof would further increase efficiency benefits that can be passed on to customers. This facility has been one of the biggest investments by Prodrive and it clearly underlines their commitment to the UK and their continued aim to offering cutting-edge services and technical solutions to their clients.

Images courtesy of Prodrive

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