News: Honda Civic Type-R receives ‘subtle’ updates for 2020

Honda Civic Type-R receives ‘subtle’ updates for 2020

By James Gent
January 11, 2020

Honda has revealed the latest edition of its legendary hot hatch – the Civic Type-R – on home turf at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Any of you expecting big updates though will be disappointed, as the drivetrain and performance figures remain unchanged for the ‘FK8’ generation model, the silks from which were dropped at the Geneva Motor Show in 2017.

Customers are unlikely to be disappointed, as that still leaves a 306hp 2-litre turbocharged four-cylinder to play with that also sends 400Nm (295lb ft) of torque to the front wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox. 0-100kph, if unchanged, is completed in a sprightly 5.7 seconds, and the Honda Civic Type-R will hit just shy of 275kph at full chat.

Anyway, back to the updates, which are primarily, though not exclusively, cosmetic. The main changes include a larger front grille allowing more air through to the radiator, ‘R’ exclusive ‘Boost Blue’ paint, and…well, that’s pretty much it, alongside a new Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel and a revised gearshift knob in the cabin, the latter of which is fitted with a new short-throw shifter.

Peel back that now-very-blue bodywork though and you’ll also find, significantly, updated dampers, stiffer bushings for the rear subframe, and tweaked front suspension geometry for further refined manoeuvrability. The discs and pads meanwhile, hardly languid pancakes to begin with, have now been re-designed for improved performance overall and to improve brake fade.

Revised pricing has yet to be released, but expect that change before the new(?) boy’s arrival later this year.

*Images courtesy of Honda

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tom ferna
tom ferna
2 years ago

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tom ferna
tom ferna
2 years ago

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Amanda Stone
Amanda Stone
4 years ago

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