News: Hot Wheels Pays Homage To Led Zeppelin

Hot Wheels Pays Homage To Led Zeppelin

By News Desk
December 18, 2019

It seems Hot Wheels has a whole lotta love for classic rock. Just in time for Christmas, the legendary toy car line has introduced five new tiny vehicles dedicated to the band Led Zeppelin.

Four of the five vehicles celebrate the band’s first four albums. Haulin’ Gas is a retro tour bus that has the burning Hindenburg that was featured on Led Zeppelin, the band’s first album. Super Van has the clouds that adorned Led Zeppelin II, while Combat Medic is an ice-cream truck with the psychedelic designs of Led Zeppelin III. The fourth, an Austin Mini Van, doesn’t have a name, but neither did the fourth album, though it’s referred to as Led Zeppelin IV. The fifth vehicle, Hiway Hauler, is a six-wheel truck dressed in red, white and blue and is an homage to the band’s 1975 tour of North America.


Hot Wheels has already had nods to music in the past, with special cars to honor The Beatles and The Grateful Dead. These Led Zeppelin cars aren’t limited edition, so they’ll be available alongside regular Hot Wheels cars at your favorite retailers, though they won’t be available online (apart from third-party sellers on sites such as eBay).

*Images courtesy of Mattel

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Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson
4 years ago

I wonder why Hot Wheels didn’t include the McLaren M8 Can-Am car that LZ sponsored?

4 years ago

Finally something I can afford. I’ll get a fleet of them…

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