Journal: How To Get Your Car Featured On Petrolicious

How To Get Your Car Featured On Petrolicious

By Petrolicious Productions
January 15, 2016

We love seeing your cars. After all, they’re what star in our films and photo shoots. We can’t begin to thank everyone over the years for sending in their own stories, tips, photography, and films, but we’ve noticed we could make the submission process more clear. Without further delay:

This is how to get your car on Petrolicious

  1. What do you want to share? Write down a few notes. Try to think of your experience in a way that can be relatable to others. If your story is about a fleeting moment or a years-long adventure, getting down to simple message is always best.
  2. What’s your vehicle like? Taste is always subjective, so what makes it special to you? Where have you driven it? Why have you modified it? These questions are just a start, so consider what people may find interesting about your vehicle.
  3. Take a few photographs. Always try to capture shots that represent your story in the best way possible, and we always like to see vintage photos. Recently, we asked our favorite photographers to offer tips for improving your car photos, too—they’re amazingly easy to follow, too.

Finished? Head over to our Submit page and follow the simple form. It’ll ask some guided questions, you’ll attach some photos, and we’ll get an email with your submission!

Photography by:David Zu Elfe, Rui Esteves, Pascal Bruyland, Stephen Fitzgerald, Edoardo Mascalchi, Gil Folk, Dave Burnett, Joris Vann, Jeremy Heslup, Máté Boér, Courtney Cutchen

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Jake Petersen
Jake Petersen
8 years ago

I’ll submit a future classic always driven tastefully.

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