News: Icon 4x4 Is To Auction A Resto-Mod Bronco To Raise Money For Students

Icon 4×4 Is To Auction A Resto-Mod Bronco To Raise Money For Students

By News Desk
February 27, 2019

Icon 4×4 has been building its bespoke restomod Bronco BR series vehicles since 2011, and they’ve become so popular that there’s now a multi-month waiting list for them. To move things on faster, founder/lead designer Jonathan Ward has now launched the Old School Series of Icon BRs, which feature the same modern technology but retain original-appearing bodies and bumpers, reducing the build process by several weeks compared to fully bespoke and made-to-order Icon BRs. Now one of these Old School Series Broncos is to be auctioned to help support scholarships for design students.

To do this, Icon 4×4 has partnered with Autotype, which describes itself as “a collective that celebrates design as a platform for designers to sell their work, a community supporting innovation, and as a scholarship fund for future creatives”. Icon 4×4’s Old School BR#63 will be auctioned online here, with 10% of proceeds donated to help support scholarships for design students. Bidding has already started, and runs through to March 15 at 17:00 PDT, with delivery of the Bronco to the winning bidder set for late March or early April 2019.

“Autotype co-founder Derek Galkin and I share a lot of the same aesthetic sensibilities,” says Jonathan Ward. “We both appreciate design that is functional, clean and timeless. That said, we also appreciate modern technology and how it has improved the execution of most current designs. I’m honored to be named one of Autotype’s charter Design Club inductees.”

Images courtesy of Icon 4×4 

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Gary Stokley
Gary Stokley
2 years ago

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David Anderson
David Anderson
2 years ago

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Harv Falkenstine
Harv Falkenstine
4 years ago

“A design that is functional, clean and timeless”, that is why a car guy can like an old Bronco, an Emory Outlaw, a Miata, an original Jeep and a Fiat 500. Great pics, thanks.