Journal: If This LEGO Auto Union Type C Reaches 10,000 Votes It Could Be Turned Into A Production Set

If This LEGO Auto Union Type C Reaches 10,000 Votes It Could Be Turned Into A Production Set

By News Desk
February 25, 2019

LEGO Ideas is always full of great plans for interesting cars but this is one of the best we’ve seen, and if it gets 10,000 votes it could be turned into a production set by LEGO. It’s a replica of the infamous 1936 Auto Union Type C race car, in iconic hillclimb specification; a true monster, with a 6-liter 500hp V16 engine and twin-stage supercharging. The twin rear wheels were for traction on the hillclimbs, seeing as wide tires weren’t available at the time. This LEGO model has a detailed cockpit, and the engine cover lifts off to show the full extent of that incredible V16. Only one (full-size) original Type C is thought to exist, along with a recreation that uses a combination of Types C and D, commissioned by Audi and regularly demonstrated in twin-wheel hillclimb specification.

The model’s creator, with the LEGO Ideas name redera00 says, “I have always been fascinated by this automobile, which was mixing aerodynamic bodywork with powerful underpinnings, like an airplane without wings.” It’s not the first Auto Union to feature on LEGO–for example, in 2013 bigboy99899 created a set of 1934 race cars including theAuto Union Type A, Alfa Romeo P3, Mercedes W25 and the Bugatti Type 59–but it’s the most detailed we’ve seen, at 1:8 scale, 50cm length and with removable body panels. LEGO say that if any submitted idea reaches 10,000 public votes, and then passes its own team’s criteria, then it could be made into a LEGO kit, with the creator receiving royalties and a design credit on the accompanying literature. You can vote for it here.

Images courtesy of LEGO Ideas

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Eric Vukich
Eric Vukich
5 years ago

It makes no sense to me why you would have the story, but not have a link to where people could vote. Where’s the link to vote?

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