Journal: Immerse Yourself In This Intimate Set Of Photos From Tour Auto

Immerse Yourself In This Intimate Set Of Photos From Tour Auto

By Amaury Laparra
January 14, 2016

Photography by the Asphalt Heritage Club

As Amaury Laparra said in his introduction to the Asphalt Heritage Club, it’s all about, “Foie gras, gasoline, and saucisson”.

Even though this gallery of pictures is from the Tour Auto held in 2011, we’re presenting it here as more of a look into someone’s cherished photo album. If you’d been there, this is probably what your memories look like. With details, scenery, cars, and people captured in beautiful compositions, for those of us who weren’t there, it’s probably the next best thing to having been there.

Take a moment and scroll through, and don’t forget that to view galleries in full screen, just click on an image. To keep up with the club, follow them on Instagram or visit their website.



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Parles Charm
Parles Charm
6 months ago

Thanks for sharing this incredible glimpse into the 2011 Tour Auto! It’s like flipping through a cherished photo album, reliving the details, scenery, and vibrant moments that made the event unforgettable. The captivating compositions transport us to that time, almost making us feel like we were part of the experience. For those who missed out, it’s the closest thing to being there. Speaking of immersive experiences, PicsArt Backgrounds can enhance your visual journey with a stunning array of backgrounds, giving your memories an artistic touch. Dive into this virtual gallery and let your creativity flow!

Nicolas Moss
Nicolas Moss
8 years ago

Nice pictures, but I’m curious… Is the byline incorrect, or is Amaury quoting himself 😉

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