Featured: Incredible Porsches to Cross RM Auctions Block in Arizona

Incredible Porsches to Cross RM Auctions Block in Arizona

By Petrolicious Productions
December 9, 2014

RM Auctions will be featuring several wonderful Porsches at their Arizona auction in a few weeks. Unfortunately, there won’t be any 912s, but we don’t think you’ll be too upset though as there will be ample 911s, 356s, even a vaunted 904 and 959!

Beginning with a 1955 pre-A Emory Outlaw, the second Emory Outlaw ever built by Gary and Rod Emory, and their first coupe, it went on to set a new unofficial one-way E/GT class speed record of 151.52 mph. In addition to the Outlaw, there will be a Drauz Roadster and Reutter Sunroof Coupe crossing the block.

If you’re a fan of Neunelfers, the celebrated 911, you’ll find plenty to love too, including mid-sixties coupes, an ’89 speedster, and a ’94 RS America. There will even be 1969 911S ‘Soft Window’ Targa available. And about that 959: it is a ‘Komfort’ model that shows only 21,000kms on the clock. Capable of nearly 200mph when new, it set a new standard for supercars in terms of driving ease and capability, as it featured all-wheel drive.

Finally, Porsche began work on the 904 following their exit from Formula One in 1962. Demand far exceeded production, as well as the FIA’s requirement (100) for homologation. More than any other of Porsche’s race cars, the 904 established and cemented their reputation as it could be driven to the track, with virtually no spares, raced, and expected to finish well, if not win. Not only was it virtually unbeatable in its class, some 904s were rallied. It set a high bar, indeed!

Check out all of the Porsches coming up at RM Auctions and here to register for the upcoming Arizona RM Auctions.

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Andreas Lavesson
Andreas Lavesson
8 years ago

There really are some fine Porches hitting the block. Who could say no to a Carrera RS 2.7, the Emory 356 or one of the many early 911s? I also have a soft spot for the 964 Carrera RS (of which there are two), but personally, and I’ve stated this many times before, there’s nothing beating a Porsche 904. If I could only have on classic car for the rest of my life, the 904 would surely be a top five contender for the spot.

Andreas Lavesson
Andreas Lavesson
8 years ago

As a side note, I strongly suggest that you look up all of the lots, so you don’t miss the beautiful Ghia L6.4 Coupe for example.