Featured: GALLERY: Inside Dusseldorf's Vintage Car Mecca, Classic Remise

GALLERY: Inside Dusseldorf’s Vintage Car Mecca, Classic Remise

By Ted Gushue
August 4, 2017

Photography by Ted Gushue

A few months ago I dropped by Berlin’s Classic Remise/automotive mecca with a pal only to have my mind blown by what was such a purely genius concept: a converted train depot filled to the gills with classic car storage and brokerage. It was wall to wall, almost overwhelming. It could easily serve Germany in its entirety, but no: the Germans demand more.

Lo and behold, Düsseldorf’s Classic Remise. It’s virtually the same product, just in a different location with different, yet equally beautiful cars. I snapped around as I normally do and thought I’d put a little gallery together for you. Enjoy!

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Joseph Winston

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Łukasz Przybysz

I was there last year, it’s fantastic, however focused on car trade, rather than exhibition. There are plenty of unique models in fantastic condition, most of them Porsches as they peak in value day by day. But you can also find Alfas, DeTomasos or Lancias. Worth visiting.

Josh Lederer
Josh Lederer

What is the green car (looks like a baby Ferrari GTO…)?

Joshua Payne
Joshua Payne

Its a TVR Grantura. Go here for pictures of this and other early TVRs


Beautiful place, but it was called Meilenwerk when I was there in 2011.


I went there a couple of months ago when I asked Tourist Info if there were any car museums around. It was a short bus ride away and a fantastic opportunity to see around 200 fantastic classics, including an Aston Zagato casually parked outside. It was all based around a quadrant with various specialist garages on the outside including, Alfa’s, Citroens, Porsches, Facel Vega, etc. There was also a two level storage facility for owners cars, these included; VW XL1, loads of 911’s, E30 M3, CSL’s, Alfa 8C’s, F40’s, Z8’s. An onsite Ducati, Vespa garage. This was all free in… Read more »

Dale McConnell
Dale McConnell

Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche make the best looking non American cars in general. The rest of this stuff is just ugly. Maybe a few Alphas look good but the rest is ugly.

ardijan kovaci

You really don’t now what beautiful is, Alfa gulia ss is the most beautiful car ever made

ardijan kovaci

Alfa giulia 1966

Robbert Klunder
Robbert Klunder

American cars have no sole…..

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

” a purely genius concept: a converted train depot filled to the gills with classic car storage and brokerage ”

1) Its been done before .. many times .. including right here in the Mile High City


2) Haven’t y’all already done a story ( or two ) on this ? If not you then somebody most certainly has .. and considering this is the only classic car site I come to … god knows who that might be .

Regardless though … a place worthy of revisiting any number of times