Gear: Inspiration: Vintage Motorcycles

Inspiration: Vintage Motorcycles

By Petrolicious Productions
October 7, 2013

The blistering speeds of come motorcycles can often be compared to Formula One cars, except for one key element. You can build one yourself or buy one at a dealership, and with that we feel, that the fashion and artistic exploration within the cycling community rivals the pace of major fashion houses around the world.

Safety, design, and textures are elements of exhibiting your style while riding through the canyons or city center. We’ve selected some gear that harnesses a vintage spirit for the contemporary world you ride in.

Bitwell Inc. Bonanza Helmet: Available in flat black and complete with a removeable bubble shield, the Bonanza offers old-school style with modern safety. It’s a ¾ DOT approved helmet with detailed quilt stitching and high-strength nylon straps with Bitwell branding offer style and safety for a more than reasonable price.

Belstaff Nash Boot: Demonstrating the epitome of heritage British cycling design, Belstaff’s Nash Boot is constructed with premium calf leather and employs traditional long-lasting stitch work. Built to look better every time you kick the bike into a higher gear or even just slam down the kickstand there is nothing else on the market quite like it. Price is tall but factor in the amount of years you’ll spend on the road not worrying about a boot falling apart.

Belstaff Telford Trousers: Inspired by vintage racing leathers, the Telford Trousers look the part for any heritage show cruising or just a sprint in the canyons. Designed with comfort in mind the zip-up ankles allow for racing boots or your go-to weekend warriors.

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Andrey Shuldeshov
Andrey Shuldeshov
10 years ago

Hello guys! I’m very sorry for posting it here, please don’t consider it as spam. I’ve tried to get in touch with you through your mailbox but something could’ve gone wrong. Did you get my letter? I’ve got an idea of some kind of coopration with you. Thanks and sorry again:)

Gianni Burrows
Gianni Burrows
10 years ago

The Biltwell Gringo full face helmet is even cooler than the Bonanza: