Journal: Instagram Accounts To Follow For Monterey Car Week

Instagram Accounts To Follow For Monterey Car Week

By Petrolicious Productions
August 13, 2015

It seems as though every car enthusiast in the world is with us in Monterey for car week, and as the festivities continue to ramp up, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow. 

For motorsports coverage, you’ll love this account. But also for auction coverage, as it’s essential to follow someone who’s actually in the room; @sportscardigest is a great resource, as is @hagertyclassiccar

We’ve found that @drivingwhileawesome take pretty great photos and have an interesting perspective on Monterey. They’re also quite active, so expect to see a lot of shots in your feed!

With a great eye for photography, we’ve featured @photosbyteej’s work before. You can count on more artful shots over the next few days. 

With activity at a number of high-profile events—not to mention many of the cars at car week wearing its tires—Michelin’s Instagram account has been featuring some interesting behind-the-scenes photos, including this one of a Koenigsegg prepped for transport!


Click through to the Petrolicious Guide To Monterey Car Week Presented by Michelin to see all of our picks.


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