Gear: Integrate the Integrale into Your Reading List

Integrate the Integrale into Your Reading List

By Petrolicious Productions
May 1, 2013

You already know we love the Lancia Delta Integrale for all its raw, box-flared aggression and sharp-suited style, and though much of the flying elephant’s history is either common knowledge among petrolista, or at least easily attainable through a quick browse of the internet, a lot of its behind-closed-doors history is much less well known.

Enter the subject of this week’s Crave, a very well-reviewed, informative, and entertaining read titled “The Story of a Champion”. Comprehensively detailing all things Delta from development through road car and racing history, it’s full of rare and fantastic period photography, technical illustrations, and the kind of gritty detail we all obsessively crave.

Published by the excellent Veloce Books, it makes a great addition to any Petrolista’s reference library.

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Lancia Delta HF Integrale – The Story of a Champion: £ 17.99 via Veloce Publishing

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2 years ago

such a classic !you can still avail discount from paypal account generator

Lewis Verne
Lewis Verne
7 years ago

Such an exquisite book

Leucea Alexandru
Leucea Alexandru
9 years ago

A must have. By then, it’s integrated in my ‘viewing list’ most of the times:–8IH5XJw#!