Featured: Introducing The Petrolicious Marketplace

Introducing The Petrolicious Marketplace

By Shayan Bokaie
May 18, 2016


We are extremely excited to announce the launch of the Petrolicious Marketplace, our new curated cars for sale build on our high standards for quality and and the powerful stories that make these cars truly special.


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we’ll be launching a new car that embodies the Drive Tastefully ethos.  Our approach is simple: make each listing a joy to read for both casual browsers and serious buyers.  


Staying true to our roots, we will curate the best and most interesting classic cars in all price ranges.


Like all of you, we are highly passionate about classic cars here at Petrolicious.  We can’t stand to see another car for sale with low-resolution images, ALL CAPS DESCRIPTIONS, or sketchy details.  Frankly, YOU deserve better.

Our presentation follows the philosophy of a Carrozzeria (coach builder), where each for-sale listing is hand crafted with a specific vision. Our in-depth write-ups walk you through all aspects of the car and introduce you to the seller for full transparency.


We’re pumped to get this off the ground and to get your feedback. Click here to learn more about how to sell your car with us.

Let’s jump into our first feature – this 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce.

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Jonathan Clarke
Jonathan Clarke
7 years ago

Brilliant! I hope the entire range of the spectrum is represented… starting with a $125k Alpha probably alienates about 99\% of followers, but I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Max W
Max W
7 years ago

I hope that too.
I sincerely appreciate high level classic cars but I have the feeling that Petrolicious is more and more becoming a website for bored rich people.
Please let some down to earth cars on the market and with down to earth I mean cars that may sell in the 4 digits range or low 5 digits.
I like looking at astonishing high class cars just like any other Petrolisti but I don’t want to be constantly shown how “poor” I am haha.

Todd Torabi
Todd Torabi
7 years ago

Beautiful, can’t to see the collection evolve. Complimenti!

Amir Kakhsaz
Amir Kakhsaz
7 years ago

Good stuff…and look at the roof on that Giulietta, beautiful.