Travel: Is The Targa Florio Classic The Most Tasteful Rally On Earth?

Is The Targa Florio Classic The Most Tasteful Rally On Earth?

By Michael Banovsky
May 20, 2016

Photography by Rosario Liberti

Each year during Italy’s Targa Florio, two distinct classes of vehicles are entered. One group of cars gets to go really quickly, while the other group is going slowly enough to be given cookies by Sicilian grandmothers.

The fastest and most challenging is the speeds-will-approach-180 mph Historic Speed portion of the Targa Florio, where a select group of drivers—Jacky Ickx included—had well-prepared racing machines at their disposal. It’s a glimpse at what the race was, and how it once turned the entire of Sicily into a race track. (We covered Historic Speed in detail here.)

Our founder Afshin entered the Classic group, and his account of the tour is arguably no less exciting than the faster cars. A regularity rally relies on long-distance driving, navigation, mechanical aptitude, and other relatable skills for a team and car to finish well.

We followed this class closely, and as you can see, it’s a bit more relaxed. Relaxed enough, in fact, for our “editorial support” car, the lovely 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulietta (thanks, FCA!) to tag along on the route alongside Afshin’s 1957 example.

If you’re into amazing scenery, narrow streets, and older women handing out freshly-baked goods, this is probably the event to enter. Drive tastefully, right?

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Hi Guys,

Glad you had a great time, but next time put your phone away and use just maps and a stop watch for the regularity – no apps allowed!


Looks like you guys had a blast as usual! Hope I get to do something as amazing as you guys get to, someday!

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

Is the Targa Floria Historic a great event ? Why yes it is . The location alone guaranteeing that ! But is it the most tasteful on earth you ask ?

Well in fact ….. No ! Call me prejudiced but I’m gonna have to go with the Colorado Grand for that ! Y’all come on out now … guaranteed you’ll understand .

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay

Aside from this being a question with no definitive answer, I just want to see Petrolicious visit Guitar Slinger and cover this Colorado event. It’s not like he hasn’t invited enough times. 😉 Do it.

Joshua Seidenberg
Joshua Seidenberg

You got to it before I could. As much as I want to participate in a targa, mille miglia or CO grand, I would have to say that the grand, especially on beautiful clear days is phenomenal. Living hear affords me the opportunity to drive the mountain roads often which is just spectacular. However, it is most likely that no one is going to offer you cookies….