News: Is There Anything More Quintessentially Italian Than 80 Classic Ferraris Driving Through Rome?

Is There Anything More Quintessentially Italian Than 80 Classic Ferraris Driving Through Rome?

By News Desk
October 8, 2019

Now in its third year, Cavalcade Classiche brings together Ferrari’s international clientele for a few days of driving fun behind the wheel of the marque’s most iconic classic models.

This year saw participants from Europe, the US, the Middle and Far East as well as New Zealand and Australia all coming together between 20 and 22 September to experience the beautiful Italian countryside in unprecedented style.

The group wound its way through such stunning locales as the Lazio countryside, Appian Way Archaeological Park and Borgo San Pietro on Lake Salto. The first day ended with a trip up Mount Terminillo to pay a visit to the magnificent Marmore Falls and no doubt allow the participants to clear the throats of their thoroughbred steeds.

The beautiful ancient city of Viterbo and smaller town of Todi were explored on day two, while the final day saw the collection of 80 classic Ferraris drive into Rome through the picturesque Frascati and Castel Gandolfo. The sights and sounds of these classic Ferraris must have been quite something as they cruised through the historic city.

Just as impressive as the scenery were the cars that took part; the entry list read like a greatest hits album from Ferrari’s back catalog, and included an ultra-rare four-cylinder 1954 750 Monza and 1957 500 TRC as well as a 1964 275 GTB and a selection of 250 GTs.

For Ferrari fans, this must be the ultimate classic car event to take part in. It is open to a handful of the marque’s select clientele, so for most of us, these images are the closest we will get to taking part.

Images courtesy of Ferrari

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Russ Wollman
Russ Wollman
3 years ago

The beauty is glorious. It feels so good, so restful to my heart

Russ Wollman
Russ Wollman
3 years ago
Reply to  Russ Wollman

This may be the reason.

Sergio Brasesco
Sergio Brasesco
3 years ago

is this the same Cavalcade that took place on Capri last year??