Travel: Is This What Rally Car Heaven Looks Like?

Is This What Rally Car Heaven Looks Like?

By Máté Boér
September 23, 2015

Photos by Máté Boer

The Austrian Rallye Legends event is pretty easy to understand: historic rally cars and a lot of ex-Works drivers get together in Austria to hoon around and fill the countryside with the sights, sounds, and smells of this epic sport.

Photographer Máté Boer was on hand to capture the action, with everything from an a Ferrari 308 GTB rally car to more traditional fare, like Audi Quattros and Ford Escorts. The alpine passes and picturesque weather provided a backdrop not often enjoyed by these machines, which were built to combat the toughest terrain imaginable.

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8 years ago

Some wonderful shots there.

The audi quattro sport with the garden gnomes looking on from the banking is simply great.

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