Journal: The Jaguar XKE Visualized

The Jaguar XKE Visualized

By Petrolicious
April 5, 2013

In conjunction with our video today and to share more information about the E-Type, we’ve created a Petrolicious infographic that is chock full of all kinds of interesting tidbits about the iconic car. For instance, did you know that merely 4,538 of all the 72,515 XKEs produced were registered in the UK last year? 

Fact Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

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7 years ago

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Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange
11 years ago

Interestingly according to there were only 2,200 E Types in the UK in 1997. The vast majority were sold in the US when new and in times when the Dollar to Pound ratio is more favourable quite a few have been repatriated back to the Mother country 😉

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