Reader Submissions: Jiro's Datsun 240Z

Jiro’s Datsun 240Z

By Petrolicious Productions
October 3, 2012

The Kassabians are a family of serious Mercedes-Benz collectors, so it’s rather peculiar then that their son Gerard, a successful lawyer and devoted son, in a spark of rebellion fell in love with a 1971 Datsun 240Z Series I.

Below is a Quick Take with him and his machine.

– – –

Q: What’s your name?

A: Jiro when driving the 240Z (Japanese nickname for second son of family)

Q: What’s your car’s name?

A: Sabro (Japanese nickname for third son of family)

Q: Where is the car from?

A: Japan

Q: Say something in Japanese:

A: ダットサン

Q: BBQ or afternoon tea?

A: Yakitori

Q: Is your car more sexy or more clever?

A: Clever, because as all my friends know I am a German car guy, and somehow this Datsun made me fall in love with it! Sexy too—who doesn’t love its luscious Jaguar E-Type inspired curves?

Q: The look that best matches your car?

A: Speed Racer hidden under a Smoking Jacket. People

often underestimate this car.

Q: Best suited for get-a-way or pursuit?

A: This car is too noticeable for a get-away, but is perfect

for a pursuit since it is adamant on catching up with cars

twice its speed.  While in pursuit, the mean look of the

240Z will intimidate those looking in their rear-view mirror!

Q: The drive that best matches your car?

A: Targa California, because this car can handle any driving


Q: Is this a short-term fling or a long-term engagement?

A: Long-term. The Datsun 240Z really grows on a person.

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Phil Ray
Phil Ray
8 years ago

All Datsun 240Zs can be added to the growing registry on Facebook at

Gerard Kassabian
Gerard Kassabian
11 years ago


Good luck with the project. It certainly is a labor of love! I would love to see photos…

Mine has a 2.8L w/ SU carbs, racing cams, electronic ignition point, 5 speed, and Koni adjustables – it often surprises pocket rockets… 😉


Adam Fairfax
Adam Fairfax
11 years ago

Car looks superb Gerard,

I’m just coming to the end of a complete nut and bolt restoration of a June built RHD 240Z in Australia. Can’t wait to get some completed pictures of the car on the site to compare notes. Would love to know more about your Zed.



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