Featured: Journees d'Automne Is What The Future Of Motoring Events Should Look Like

Journees d’Automne Is What The Future Of Motoring Events Should Look Like

By Ted Gushue
October 20, 2017

When I went to the Bernina Gran Turismo a few weeks ago I was blown away by what I found, a small group of deeply passionate enthusiasts who, while being veterans of major events like Goodwood for many years, had decided to focus on a more intimate way to enjoy their passions. I found this very same passion in the event that friends of Petrolicious Etienne Raynaud, Guillaume Le Metayer, JP Braud, and their team at ProFirst put on: Journeés d’Automne.

Taking place over two days an hour or two south of France, Journeés d’Automne is all at once culinary, track oriented, and rally casual—which is to say it is pure fun. Here you won’t find the long lines of major events, the weak food of a gigantic festival, or the cheap wine of a muddy campsite. Everything is perfectly sorted and you’ll never have to wait for anything. Track time? Go right ahead and enjoy yourself. Glass of Veuve Clicquot? Right this way sir! Gooey cheese, of course—included with your entry fee.

All of this is to say nothing of the cars. Suffice to say you’ll find Europe’s finest out for a laugh. Any specific questions on any of the cars pictured? Drop a comment and I’ll make sure one of the organizers sheds a bit of light on it.

Our team has attended JDA in the past, but this is the first year that I’ve been able to see it myself. As a result I am kicking myself for not having been sooner.

To keep in touch with JDA, and to be alerted to next year’s event details please keep in touch with them on Instagram or on Facebook. Until then, enjoy our gallery from the event just passed.

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16 days ago

Wow, I was surprised to see the photos Connections NYT you took of cars that were produced a long time ago. 

6 years ago

Nice write-up and photos — thanks Ted. First thought I had was ‘Oh! Someone should do this in the U.S.’ Of course if it were here, three out of every four cars would be a Porsche!

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