Journal: Just Because: BMW's 100th At Laguna Seca From Every Angle

Just Because: BMW’s 100th At Laguna Seca From Every Angle

By Performance Technic
October 14, 2016

Photography by Courtney Cutchen

Our BMW-obsessed friends at Performance Technic recently turned their cameras to BMW’s 100th Anniversary celebrations during this year’s Monterey Car Week. With dozens of incredible photos of BMWs from every generation, we just had to share their story and perspective from this once-in-a-lifetime event.

The hustle and bustle of Historics weekend at Laguna Seca Raceway is generally in full swing when it comes time for the Rolex Reunion. The paddocks were as busy as ever this year, and with BMW’s 100th Anniversary celebration, the chaos was amplified.

With Procars and historical racing icons galore, it was enough to overwhelm even the most jaded BMW nerd. Because we’ve created such a large bulk of Reunion coverage, we’ve prepared a photo gallery for this story. So, instead of reading page after page on your device, we’ve made the Rolex Reunion easy on the eyes with a photographic timeline.

Alone time with an IMSA E21 320 Turbo

Heading out

Rolling off track

BMW’s stable

Exploring the paddocks

Final details

Note: This story has been shortened and edited from what originally appeared online; visit to read the entire piece.

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