Journal: Just Because: Classic Car Events In Bordeaux Breathtakingly Beautiful

Just Because: Classic Car Events In Bordeaux Breathtakingly Beautiful

By Michael Banovsky
April 19, 2016

Photos by David Marvier

Even having toured only a fraction of it, I can safely say that France is a beautiful place. Not just Paris, mind you; I was blown away by the Alsace region’s rolling countryside near Strasbourg when I visited on vacation—perfectly timed, of course, to coincide with the Rallye de France.

Recently, French photographer David Marvier sent in some photos he captured during a meet held in the Bordeaux region…and they’re so gorgeous that I started checking the prices of flights! The Atlantic Oldtimer Association regularly organizes rallies and activities, and Marvier’s photos of the Bordeaux event show a group of well-loved classics and their owners enjoying cars as intended.

For more on Atlantic Oldtimer, visit its website or follow the group on Facebook.

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Olivier Du Parc Locmaria
Olivier Du Parc Locmaria
8 years ago

Book your flight Michael Banhovsky and I’ll be more than happy to show you the Beautiful city of Bordeaux, Its delightful wineyards, and its amazing surfs spots on the nearby Atlantic Coast …driving a not so common 1953 Renault Colorale 4×4 pick-up….

8 years ago

It seems that there are more and more French events and French cars on Petrolicious. Really Cool!

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