Journal: Just Because: This Caterham Photo Shoot Isn’t Messing Around

Just Because: This Caterham Photo Shoot Isn’t Messing Around

By Danny Jones
October 13, 2015

Photography by Mark Raybone

Mine and Mark’s shared addiction of racing cars is just one of the reasons that we were so incredibly excited (not to mention incredibly jealous of its driver) when we got the opportunity to photograph this entirely raw Caterham racing car.

As we approached our photography location for the day, the tiny Caterham sat proudly outside like a predator at rest; the beads of rain from an earlier shower glistening on its many sponsorship decals. Stood proudly next to the number 65 Caterham was the man who is lucky enough to own and race this incredible piece of kit, Pete Yates.

It instantly strikes you that, despite the lack of everything; there are very few cars that radiate quite as much character: the bright red wheels playing off the blue and white livery perfectly and the completely open interior consisting of little more than duct tape and wires. 

With Pete and is racing gear in the car, it weighs in at just 1,355 lbs—it’s a wonder how every little breeze doesn’t cause the car to take off like a cow in a twister. Being this light does mean, however, that the car goes from 0-60 mph in under 5.9 seconds, thanks to 125 bhp from a 1.6-litre Ford Sigma engine.

Amazingly, the 2015 Sigma Graduates Racing Series it races in also requires the car to retain many of its road going parts to manufacturer standards, as all cars in the series must still be able to pass an MOT. (The dreaded UK vehicle fitness test.– Ed.) This means that despite being a racer it still carries with it a removable windscreen, standard Caterham lights and a horn.

Everything about the Caterham, from the gymnastic routine entry to enjoying the unmolested driving characteristics, brings out that inner child that always wanted to be a racing driver, with such a feeling of occasion every time you climb in.

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Dan Glover
Dan Glover

Also, here is a used Caterham dealer in Alberta (sadly they appear skinny on inventory right now):

Dan Glover
Dan Glover
Not sure about the US but up here in Canada we have a great little place on Vancouver Island which is Canada’s only factory approved Caterham manufacturer and also the only place in the world where you can get one of these outrageous cars with a 1300cc Hayabusa motor. You can check them out here: If you want an amazing place to come buy your Caterham and then take it on some of the most beautiful drives you could hope to experience, you really can’t do better than Vancouver Island. One of my personal favourite drives is from Parksville… Read more »
Douglas Anderson
Douglas Anderson

Thanks for the links to dealers.

Douglas Anderson
Douglas Anderson

The perfect car to replace my motorcycling habit .
Sadly they don’t appear to be available in the USA .

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange yes they are although I believe you cannot buy them as a complete car in the US?

Karl Muth
Karl Muth

More proof the ADVAN A048 (and A005) makes anything just that little bit sexier…