Featured: Just Because: This Is An Alfa Romeo GT Junior Done Right

Just Because: This Is An Alfa Romeo GT Junior Done Right

By Davide Ferraiuolo
October 7, 2015

Photography by Francesco Carlo

After a long search, I finally realized that finding a good classic within a strict budget was proving harder than my dad and I thought it would. I really learned a lot from this first part of my experience. All photos ads are beautiful. In the process, many cars lost, somehow, substantial defects: bad paint, scratches, faded lights, cracks, or rust, or worse.

One day, my father followed hunch that led to a 900 km (560 mile), one-way train ride and—after being shown a dud—the car you see here.

It was a product of benign neglect: the engine was perfectly preserved, albeit not run in three years, the interior was intact, the chassis was great, and the paint was acceptable. My father set about cultivating a friendship with the seller, which meant the price softened to the point of purchase.

Yes, the GT needs constant care, but I am learning real driving, the kind my dad learned when he was my age: the engine roar, rear-wheel drive, double-clutch shifts…

Follow along with Davide’s GT Junior and their adventures together via his website, Project 105 and Instagram.

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Douglas Anderson
Douglas Anderson
8 years ago

I also have been searching for a car to drive and enjoy within a strict budget for some time now. Every time i think i am on to a good one , the reality of the sellers hubris comes in to play. The longer i look , the more the prices seem to increase and the selection of viable candidates seems to sadly dwindle.
I’m beginning to think i should just decide on one make/model/year and jump in .

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