Journal: Lamborghini’s First Restoration Is This Sublime Miura SV

Lamborghini’s First Restoration Is This Sublime Miura SV

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
March 15, 2016

Photography by Nate Stevens

If safety and emissions standards hadn’t evolved, manufacturers would have probably figured out how to keep selling cars like the Miura, which is still for many Lamborghini’s finest hour. Calling it the “first supercar” won’t raise eyebrows, as its mid-engined layout and massively-powerful-for-the-time 350 horsepower V12 engine made it the ultimate road-going rocket in 1966.

In 2016, however, offering a vehicle as stunning and as simple as the Miura just isn’t possible—so the best option left for a ‘brand-new’ Miura is entrusting professionals to complete a restoration.

This 1971 Miura Super Veloce (SV) was shown at the Geneva Motor Show of that year, but over time its star faded enough to warrant a full restoration—the first completed under Lamborghini’s new PoloStorico division.

The result is an absolutely stunning rebirth of chassis #4846, finishing with its striking Verde Metallizata paint. To start with, Lamborghini’s workshop used historic documents, original records, and a complete disassembly in order to piece the car back together—only this time, far better than when new.

Expect to see many more restorations from Polo Storico—which classic Lamborghini would you want to see brought back to life?

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David Brackman

Hate to nitpick, but SV doesn’t mean “Super Veloce” it means
“Spinto Veloce”. Or “Pushed Fast”
Love these cars whatever, thanks for the article


Not at all.
SV means Super Veloce.

Nima Aflatooni

So… you’re getting your Lamborghini Miura restored by Lamborghini and you show up to receive it which a T-shirt with Jack Nicholson on it making a crazy face…Boss.

Jim Levitt
Jim Levitt

What a pathetic article. No decent pictures, no pictures of the retoration, no details, no nothing!

(Gorgeous Miura……. I think)

Simon Laudati
Simon Laudati

Best car ever


Back in 1974 I was looking at a pristine SV for sale at Salon Ferrari in California. Once owned by one of the Duvalier family in Haiti, it was a beautiful desert sand brown and had $10k worth of extras, including seats that had air conditioning coming out of multiple grommets in the leather. Price was a measly $18k. I bought a Dino 246 GTS instead.


Horrible photos. In two of them, it doesn’t even look like the paint matches in the rear clip area.

Paweł Kuczwalski
Paweł Kuczwalski

Christ, this photographer should be fired immediatelly. WHY COULDN’T YOU JUST PHOTOGRAPH THE WHOLE CAR??

Can Eyilik
Can Eyilik

That is what dreams are made of. Perfection !

Nick Holbrook
Nick Holbrook

they may have renamed or relaunched the department, but Lamborghini has ben restoring older cars for years.

tbh if it were me id probably rather have a Miura restored by Bobiliff in California than the factory (and suspect most actual owners feel similar) as he simply has more experience with restoring them in the last 20 yrs than any other company, the factory included

Ae Neuman
Ae Neuman

i hate these peekaboo photos.
how about some shots of the whole car ?