News: Like Abarths? Then You'll Love The 70th Anniversary Celebrations in Milan!

Like Abarths? Then You’ll Love The 70th Anniversary Celebrations in Milan!

By News Desk
September 18, 2019

Founded in 1949 by Carlo Abarth and racing driver Guido Scagliarini, Abarth & C developed and modified a range of sporting cars that have left an indelible mark on the motoring landscape. The companies activities have ranged from building and racing sports cars to offering mild to wild tuning kits for road cars, all infused with the competitive spirit of Carlo Abarth.

Amassing ten world records, 133 international speed records and over 10,000 racetrack wins over its 70 years, Abarth will be celebrating its anniversary by staging the biggest European gathering ever for Abarth Day, taking place from 5 to 6 October in Milan, Italy.


The event will be held in the futuristic Milano Innovation District (MIND), where there will be displays of both classic and modern Abarth cars as well as the opportunity for more adventurous visitors to try out either their own Abarth vehicles or some of the new models in the Abarth “70th Anniversary” range on the three-kilometer (1.87 mile) long track. For an even more intense experience event-goers can also be co-drivers in the Abarth 124 Rally—two-time winner of the FIA R-GT Cup—on a specially designed track that will showcase the capabilities of this impressive machine.

The entertainment area will offer a diverse range of activities from driving simulators and remote control cars to an acrobatic BMX bike trail and even Parkour sessions. Fans wanting to further tweak their Abarth models will be able to do so at the ‘Abarth Authentic Accessories powered by Mopar’ stand.

Commenting on the upcoming festivities Luca Napolitano, head of EMEA Fiat and Abarth brands said, “Telling the key stages of Abarth is an opportunity to rediscover the record-breaking cars, the revolutionary tuning kits and legendary races that marked the technological progress and motorsport accomplishments of the brand”.

The Abarth brand is as strong as ever, enjoying a huge increase in members over the past three years and a corresponding increase in official clubs which now stands at 74, an 80 percent increase since 2016. For fans of the Scorpion brand and those wanting to enjoy a great couple of days filled with automotive fun, the 2019 Abarth day promises not to disappoint. Tickets are still available and can be found online at the link below.

As for that headline image of Carlo Abarth sitting in front of a selection of his creations with a basket of apples? They were there to represent the sum total of what he ate to lose 30kgs (66 pounds) to help him break acceleration records in a Class G Fiat Abarth and a Class E single-seater. He was 57 at the time. Such single-minded passion is a common thread that runs through Abarth models to this day, long may it continue.

Images courtesy of Abarth

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10 months ago

It was fantastic to be there for these celebrations. I have even written a report about it. I recall that one of the automobiles was taken.  tunnel rush

3 years ago

I was present on this celebrations and it was just amazing. I remember that one of the cars was stolen and I have even created a report about it. I am a crime journalist and writer at so it is improtant for me to be up-to-date and aware of everything that goes in the world.

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