Gear: Linear Edge Race Track Sculptures Have Been Added To The Shop

Linear Edge Race Track Sculptures Have Been Added To The Shop

By Alex Sobran
September 21, 2017

View the collection of Linear Edge race track sculptures available in the Petrolicious Shop

I bet a lot of us would like to spend more time at our favorite local and international race tracks, and while video game versions are a partial remedy, you can’t play at work or when you have guests to entertain in most cases. And while a nice piece of artwork can help you at least feel a bit closer to reality, big flashy race tracks tacked onto your wall are not always the most tasteful pieces to put on display. I think for the benefit of our reputation as car enthusiasts we should loathe the words “man cave,” but that is where most automotive art belongs.

Of course, we always look for those creators who are able to translate our interests in automobiles into drawings and paintings and sculptures that put at least as much emphasis on aesthetics as they do on the content. After all, It’s not as if the stuff we like doesn’t lend itself to artistic interpretations, just think of the shapes of circuits for instance; full of curves and the relationships between them, they look like a glyphic language when you stack their layouts in a row.

The Linear Edge track sculptures offer a tasteful way to celebrate our favorites from this alphabet, and the layouts of famous circuits from around the world and throughout its history are rendered in beautiful minimalist form. Constructed from stacking layers of Baltic birch for depth, these pieces are then coated in a top layer of black laminate to create a simple but bold representation of the course. It is a simple design that works well with the complex lines. These aren’t posters filled with sponsorship logos and weird airbrush-looking scenes of competition in the background. It’s just a stark representation of the courses that contain all of these stories—you know them by heart, so let the track stand on its own. Now it’s something you can hang in any setting without people asking if you “really like sports cars, huh?”

The tracks here come in two different sizes, simply called half and full. Half-sizes are both half as wide and long, and have half the depth of the full-sizes. Please note that customers outside the United States should inquire to our help email before ordering, as shipping costs for these pieces can fluctuate drastically depending on destination.

Check out our full selection of Linear Edge sculptures here—we’ve put together a nice array of current and former F1 venues alongside some staples like Circuit de la Sarthe. They won’t be the same as leaning over the guardrails (or more realistically, looking at the guardrails from behind safety fencing), but they do bring a piece of the motorsport mindset into any room you hang them in (and it doesn’t have to be the garage this time!).

Our selection includes: Catalunya F1, Circuit de la Sarthe, Monaco GP, the Nordschleife, the Nürburgring GP and full circuit, Monza, Laguna Seca, the Circuit of the Americas, Road Atlanta, Road America, the Red Bull Ring, Spa Francorchamps, Watkins Glen, Silverstone, and the Yas Marina Circuit.

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5 years ago

Bought one of these years ago ( Monaco ) Love it . Shades of Jean Paul Sarti’s home in ” Grand Prix ” 😎

Da da dada .. da da dada da …. da da dada .. da da dada da