Journal: Lister Motor Company Unveils The Fastest And Most Powerful Open-Topped Supercar In Its 66-Year History

Lister Motor Company Unveils The Fastest And Most Powerful Open-Topped Supercar In Its 66-Year History

By News Desk
July 3, 2019

The Lister Motor Company has just unveiled the 675hp LFT-C at its new Lancashire headquarters in the UK. Launched a year after the successful reception of the Lister LFT-666 coupe, the LFT-C retains the coupe’s intense performance characteristics and dynamic precision but with the added benefit of a convertible roof. Both cars feature the same bespoke wheels, exhaust, suspension and brake set-up and have an identical claimed 0-60mph time of 3.2-seconds and a top speed of 208mph. However, whereas there will be 99 LFT-666 coupes built, just 10 examples of the new LFT-C coupe will be reaching customers.

Performance may be high on the priority list but those wanting to experience crushing acceleration in luxury have been well catered for too. A hand-stitched Nappa leather interior is just the start and every aspect of the cabin from the dashboard to the roof-lining can be customized to the customer’s specific requirements.

Lawrence Whittaker, CEO of the Lister Motor Company, said: “The LFT-666 has been a huge success for Lister, with cars being delivered around the world. Many customers asked for an open version and, as a result, we created the LFT-C. The noise of the 666hp Lister-tuned V8 is incredible with the roof down and the styling adds real aggression to the looks. To launch a new car is always a special moment for me, but the LFT-C also finds a place in the Lister history books as the fastest open-top Lister ever made, overtaking the mighty Le Mans. This is a very special, very exclusive car.”

The order books are now open for the LFT-C and prices start at £139,000 ($174,800) before options. A seven-year warranty is also available for all Lister models, which is a rarity in the world of bespoke supercars and underlines the confidence Lister has in its own modifications as well as the mechanical integrity of the Jaguar F-Type on which the car is based.

Images courtesy of Lister

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