News: Los Angeles Airbnb Comes With A Lamborghini Rental

Los Angeles Airbnb Comes With A Lamborghini Rental

By News Desk
January 6, 2020

Traveling to Los Angeles anytime soon? Why not stay in style? An Airbnb offering of a very stylish four-bedroom estate in North Hollywood boasts a heated pool and hot tub, high ceilings and large backyard – plus, the option to rent a suite of high-end supercars.

Should you wish to fork out around $1,550 a night for the place (why not split with a few friends?), you can also add a bit to the bill for a Lamborghini Aventador, a bulked-up Mercedes-Benz G550 or a Porsche Panamera to tool around LA in true star style. If you want the Lambo or the Mercedes, maybe get a few more people to share the price of the flat; it’s $1,000 per day for either of the cars, and a full $500 for the Panamera. Hey, luxury has its costs.

But if you decide to take your own fancy car or motorcycle, don’t worry; there’s also a three-car garage included with the place.

*Images courtesy of AirBnB

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3 years ago

Not a bad deal if I say so myself. Love the idea of a luxury vacation home rental and car rental all in one transaction. I have rented a car through various luxury car rental like RX Motors Rentals and their pricing is definitely competitive.
Of course it is still pricey. But, hey, that’s luxury.

Amanda Stone
Amanda Stone
4 years ago

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