News: Love It Or Loathe It, You Can't Ignore The World's Fastest Production SUV

Love It Or Loathe It, You Can’t Ignore The World’s Fastest Production SUV

By News Desk
February 14, 2019

We’re not going to claim we’re great fans of the looks, and we take the Gordon Murray view on SUVs (he’s not a fan). But it would be wrong to ignore the news that Bentley Motors has revealed details of the world’s fastest production SUV, capable of 190mph and a 0-60mph time of 3.9 seconds. This, then, is the 626bhp Bentayga Speed, the most powerful and performance-oriented Bentayga to date, another step on from the model that claimed the production SUV record at Pikes Peak last year. Power has increased from the standard Bentayga’s 600bhp, and torque is still monstrous, at 664lb ft. Such is the physics of propelling 2500kg of SUV that the power gain increases top speed by just 3mph and 0-60mph by 0.2 second over the non-Speed model, but ’tis enough.

As you’d hope, the Bentayga Speed’s ceramic brakes are the largest and most powerful ever fitted to a Bentley, with a maximum braking torque of 6000 Nm and able to withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C, as well as giving a handy 20kg weight saving over iron brakes. The Speed’s Sport mode has been recalibrated for more aggressive response from the W12 engine, the eight-speed transmission and the air suspension for a sportier ride, making use of the Bentley Dynamic Ride system, which uses electric active roll control technology. And of course the exhaust is louder. Or rather, as Bentley put it, the exhaust demonstrates greater “character” on up- and down-shifts.

You won’t be surprised to see that the styling has been tweaked too: dark-tint headlights, body-colored side skirts and a tailgate spoiler, along with dark-tint radiator and bumper grilles, a unique 22in wheel design and Speed badging. Inside, there are ‘swooshes’ (honestly, that’s what they’re called) around the door and door grab, on the edge of the seat cushions and backrest bolsters. There’s also the use of Alcantara for the first time in a Bentayga. So, there you go, that’s the world’s fastest production SUV for you.

Images courtesy of Bentley Motors

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1 year ago

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Johannes Rixe
Johannes Rixe
4 years ago

No one has been waiting for this car.

321 It's Done
321 It's Done
4 years ago

I care about as much as I do the words fastest dump truck. SUV is supposed to haul boats and climb mountains. Be affordable, modifiable, and manly. This is none of the above. I could buy a Jeep and a zl1 Camaro for the cost of this and be better in every way.