Featured: Lundtauto Is A Perfect Place To Spend A Sunny Day Admiring Porsches

Lundtauto Is A Perfect Place To Spend A Sunny Day Admiring Porsches

Jonathan Najarian By Jonathan Najarian
April 10, 2017

Photography by Jonathan Najarian

“You sure this is the street?” I ask Henry, “Yeah man of course,” he replies. A quiet dead end street, cobblestones, old German houses lining the sides, I park my Scirocco R right out front. I get out, walk about 200 meters down the driveway and I’m met with a mecca of Porsche I’ve never seen before. It’s as if Thomas Lundt, owner of Lundtauto, was the co-founder of the marque—it’s like this is where it all started before they got investors and moved to Stuttgart.

Henry is a buddy of mine, and is Thomas’ son, who had been telling me about his dad’s garage for a while now—Henry is my personal tour guide for the day, bringing me throughout the family run Porsche heaven. Walking in the front door of the main shop, I meet his mom, who is in charge of the shop’s accounting and operations. She immediately greets me with a big smile, and also a magazine with her daughter on the front cover: she is the head of the Lundtauto garage team.

The Lundt family are clearly big-time Porsche enthusiasts which have an extensive history with the company, and it’s a story for another day, and certainly worth telling in its own article.

Today though, I am here for the cars. The tour starts off with the basement of the main garage, where they are primarily focused on engine and main component rebuilds. Keeping everything original and in better condition than the factory-made part is something that Lundtauto is a specialist in. Thomas has been quoted before saying: “We know the cars better than the factory does,” and I fully believe him after seeing the work that they do.

 Outside from the main garage is a slew of unique and truly beautiful Porsches. Words are not needed here, I’ll simply let the pictures talk for themselves!

Also of course is a “For sale” building on one side of the property, where even more beauties are stored as they wait for their next owners. My favorite lineup in that room was the three 3.2s next to each other (if anyone can point out in the comments one very rare model in that lineup, I’ll be impressed!)

In the back of lot lay “The Barn” as I called it: filled with customer Porsches (and a Ferrari) that have been put in storage, as well as a slew of original parts waiting to be brought back to life. I could have stayed in there all day long, taking pictures and looking at everything on display, but we had to keep the tour moving.

Next was the body shop. It was a bit down the street from the main shop area, but the new building was needed what with the sheer amount of work being done there. If the customer wants a better-than-new vintage Porsche, Lundtauto can do it. Stripping everything from the frame and rebuilding from there, the sky’s the limit for this crew. The word meticulous truly fits this place: this is where vintage Porsches are brought back to life.

To say I had an incredible Saturday afternoon is an understatement. I was 10 years old again running around in a small piece of Porsche heaven in Berlin, snapping pictures and asking a ton of questions. A dream of mine is to own a white 3.2L 911, the same one that taught 13-year-old, me that I love speed.

When I buy that car, I know I’ll either get it from Thomas Lundt, or I’ll at least have it restored and serviced there. The amount of love and care put into Thomas’ customers cars can be seen simply by walking in the front door. I would call this a hidden gem of Berlin, and also of Germany, but surely those in the know, know.

If you’re ever in Berlin, you need to see this place. And if your vintage Porsche needs a second life, just call the team at Lundtauto.

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Babak Broumand
Babak Broumand

Great photos buddy, you have a keen eye

Jonathan Najarian

Thank you, I really appreciate that ?

Damien Keegan
Damien Keegan

My typing is rubbish … “the” and “metallic”…

Damien Keegan
Damien Keegan

In thr line up of “3.2”s… the furthest one away is an Anniversary Edition. Slightly purple / lilac metallice colour gives it away. Stunning.

Jonathan Najarian

Hey Damien – good guess! That is actually the “Signature” or “Commemorative” Edition celebrating 250,000 911’s. Funny enough the color is actually “Diamond Blue Mettalic” but I totally hear you with the purplish hue 🙂 the give away on this one is the signature on the headrests of the seats, with Ferry Porsche’s signature stitched in there. Beautiful car, and it was for sale when I saw it that day!