Gear: Maserati Celebrates Centennial with Vintage-Inspired Posters

Maserati Celebrates Centennial with Vintage-Inspired Posters

By Petrolicious
September 3, 2014

This year marks Maserati’s 100th anniversary and in celebration of their heritage they launched a poster series celebrating their greatest sporting successes. Alas, the series is closing with the fifth and last release of this limited edition collection of prints, never published before. All the 100 lithographies have been printed in 100 numbered copies, each featuring the artist’s signature, Mr. Enzo Naso. The prints faithfully reproduce the style and the graphic technique of the original vintage posters.

The last twenty prints of this exclusive collection are dedicated to some of the most famous races won by the Trident: from the victories of Nuvolari and Villoresi in the ’30s and ’40s, to Fangio’s successes in Formula 1, up to the prestigious triumph of the Maserati MC12 in the 2005 edition of the 24 Hours of Spa. Best of all, they’re beautiful.

Click here to check out Maserati’s posters and get a print of your own.

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Real stuff rules
Real stuff rules
9 years ago

I remember the ‘Ring having a slightly different trajectory in the 60s..
Bl**** marketing glitch
Sad stuff this

9 years ago

They’re not “inspired by” vintage posters, Maserati is ripping them off.

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