News: Maserati Pays Tribute To Sir Stirling Moss With Special MC20 Livery

Maserati Pays Tribute To Sir Stirling Moss With Special MC20 Livery

By News Desk
May 13, 2020

The upcoming and super-secret MC20 sports car represents a new future for Maserati. But the Italian company dipped into its rich motorsport history with a new camouflage livery dedicated to one of the greatest racers ever to turn a wheel in anger, the late Sir Stirling Moss.

Moss passed away last month at the age of 90. In an illustrious racing career that spanned three decades, the Englishman took two of his 16 Grand Prix wins with Maserati as well as his ’57 win at Sebring. He’s even on record that the 250 F was his favorite open-wheel car. In fact, today – May 13 – is the anniversary of one of his most dominant ever wins, leading from start to finish in a 250 F at the 1956 Monaco Grand Prix. He also raced Maserati sports cars and drove the Tipo 60 Birdcage, Tipo 61 and 300 S.

The MC20’s new paint job is an homage to the ‘Eldorado’ Maserati 420/M/58 that Moss drove at the 1958 Trofeo dei due Mondi in Monza. While he didn’t win the event, the car itself was groundbreaking, as it was the first to be sponsored by a company not related to motorsport: Eldorado Ice Cream. The original is now housed in the Panini Collection in Modena.

These teaser images of the MC20 reveal more of the mid-engined supercar, of which we’ve only had a few camouflaged glimpses until now. Expected to be unveiled in September, it’s rumored to sport an in-house designed twin-turbocharged V6 that could produce around 600hp. As the ‘MC’ refers to ‘Maserati Corse’, this could also indicate the Trident intends to return to its roots of racing, which would not only be a significant change for Maserati but, for every fan of racing, a welcome one.

*Images courtesy of Maserati

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4 years ago

Looks nothing like the Eldorado car. No idea what this new livery has to with Moss. Epic fail

Dennis White
Dennis White
4 years ago

I’m sorry, but the camouflage livery is a tribute to Sir Sterling? Didn’t know he was in the Special Forces.

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