Featured: Matteo's Automotive Monogamy Project Pt. 2

Matteo’s Automotive Monogamy Project Pt. 2

By Petrolicious Productions
October 15, 2012

Yesterday we shared a Quick Take featuring Italian photographer Matteo Ferrari and his Automotive Monogamy photography project. Since there are so many great pairings of Automotive Monogamy photographs, we’re excited to share even more of them today. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Click here to read our interview with Matteo and see more of his project.

Top: Mr. Salvetti 1972 / Mr. Salvetti 2005 (Italy); Middle: Cappuccio Family 1994 / Cappuccio Family 2009 (Argentina); Bottom: Mr. Saviozzi 1974  / Mr. Saviozzi 2004 (Italy)

Top: Mr. Rescia 1966 / Mr. Rescia 2001 (Italy); Middle: Balì Family 1980 / Balì Family 2010 (Argentina); Bottom: Mr. E.Garcìa 1971 / Mr. E.Garcìa 2009 (Argentina)

Top: Mr. A.Severini 1984 / Mr. A.Severini 2010 (Argentina); MIddle: Ms. Santamb 1978 / Ms. Santamb 2005 (Italy); Bottom: Mr. Tilli 1972 / Mr. Tilli 2003 (Italy)


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Sofia Cole
Sofia Cole
9 months ago

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