Reader Submissions: Mazda Miata MX-5 Road Trip Led to New Career

Mazda Miata MX-5 Road Trip Led to New Career

By Petrolicious Productions
October 28, 2014

My friend Juho and I set out to cover as many of the greatest Alpine passes as possible and set out from our home in Stuttgart, Germany for a round trip. I had only covered maybe a thousand miles with my Mazda MX-5 before the trip, so the issue of reliability was still in question, but I was confident.

I was also excited about getting to know my first-ever sports car well. And neither the roads nor the weather disappointed. Despite covering some large distances, our traveling was quite relaxed, as we’d only planned few things beforehand. That turned the whole alpine region into an open playground: where to go next?

The fact that it was my first proper road trip with my own sports car made it really special, in addition to driving many legendary roads in one trip. And fortunately, over the eight days and 2400kms (about 1490mi) we didn’t run into any trouble as neither a spare tire nor toolbox fit.

The story doesn’t really end there though. Two years after the drive I got an idea that actually changed my life. It occurred to me to write the story and see if anyone would be interested in publishing it. In spite of my inexperience writing in English, a website (not this one) was and the story received a very positive response and was even picked up by a much larger site.

That left a huge impression on me. A few months later I founded a blog called (meaning ”shall we drive” in English. Finnish is a very suspicious language). And a year later, it turned out that my Mazda Miata MX-5 road trip led to a new career as an automotive journalist. All thanks to that beaten, little Miata that I still drive.

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kevin cook
kevin cook
3 years ago

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Cartols Bruce
Cartols Bruce(@cartols_bruce)
4 years ago

Great to read it. I am working here at Online Meds

7 years ago

Love the Mazda Miata roadster. The BBS rims really enhance the cars looks.
The shots of the scenery in the Alps is absolutely stunning. You’ve really shown the beauty of the European Alos. Must’ve been the trip of a lifetime.
Beautiful pictures, well done
thanks for sharing.

Lauri Ahtiainen
Lauri Ahtiainen(@fb_611127369)
7 years ago
Reply to  Rob

Thanks! Since doing the road trip the wheels have been changed to OZ Superleggeras. I like the BBSs, but they’re rather heavy for their size. Alps are absolutely stunning indeed. Such a shame that nowadays I’m living in Finland, so seeing landscape like that happens rarely.

7 years ago

Ajakaame is basically “shall we drive” in Bugarian and yes Finnish is a suspicious language. Nice read 🙂

7 years ago

Go Lauri! 😉 Love the photos.

Rodrigo Almeida
Rodrigo Almeida
7 years ago

What can I say? Because of a sports car I moved from a big city into a small town right in the middle of awesome mountain passes. What was supposed to be weekend fun turned out as daily heaven. Of course I don’t have malls neither 24h shops but I still don’t have regrets.

John Burrow
John Burrow(@jb07)
7 years ago

I’m glad that this person’s passion turned into a career. I too aspire for a career of the sort, but it doesn’t get much better than the spark that ignited it all was such an awesome road-trip. Kuddos to you.