Journal: McLaren Automotive Achieves Major Milestone By Building Its 20,000th Hand-Assembled Car

McLaren Automotive Achieves Major Milestone By Building Its 20,000th Hand-Assembled Car

By News Desk
May 14, 2019

Becoming a major player in the supercar segment is an extremely difficult task to accomplish, yet McLaren Automotive has not only done this but has regularly outperformed the established players too. In a little over eight years, it has produced an impressive 20,000 cars, all hand-assembled at the McLaren Production Centre (MPC) in Woking, Surrey, England. Considering that up until McLaren Automotive was established in 2010, McLaren had produced one road car, the iconic F1, and collaborated on just one other, the Mercedes-McLaren SLR, the rise to become one of the top supercar producers globally is nothing short of stunning.

“Achieving our 20,000th car built is an important milestone for McLaren Automotive,” said Mike Flewitt, McLaren Automotive CEO. Last year we hand-assembled just over 4800 cars and we plan to maintain around 5000 cars a year for the immediate future. While demand for our products continues to grow, we aim to balance that to maintain exclusivity for our brand and our customers. It is fitting that we celebrate this achievement with a 600LT Spider which has been a huge success for us with all production slots for the coupé variant now sold out.” .

McLaren Automotive now employs more than 2300 people and has expanded its portfolio with the bespoke McLaren Special Operations division. With more than 90 percent of the approximately 5,000 vehicles built each year being exported to over 32 markets worldwide, McLaren has become a force to be reckoned with across the globe.

“It’s testament to the hard work, dedication and commitment from our McLaren Production Centre employees that we’re now able to produce 20 cars a day across many different vehicle types and variants,” commented Dr Jens Ludmann, chief operating officer at McLaren Automotive. From the first MP4-12C that rolled off the production line to the 600LT Spider that marked this special occasion, the entire family of Sports Series, Super Series, Ultimate Series and Motorsport vehicles that now define McLaren’s offerings will continue to expand and set the benchmark in their respective segments for years to come.

Images courtesy of McLaren

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